Top 10 Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Lobbies

2.) Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – One of the newest Disney Resorts in Walt Disney World celebrates the beauty and creation of animation and brings some of the classic Disney animated films to life. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a sprawling Value Resort that features several themed areas that bring classics such as Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and The Lion King to life. Before even exploring the Disney Resort, guests are treated to an amazing experience in the location’s lobby. After entering through the main doors, guests are treated to a long curving hallway that features brightly colored accents and larger than life sketches along the wall. Many of the sketches come straight from the Disney animators and bring favorite characters from the Disney Resort’s four featured films to life. The opposite wall features a stunning light installation that mimics a rainbow colors as guests move further into the lobby towards the front desk. A highlight of the lobby at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a massive chandelier made from dozens of sketches of favorite Disney characters. Guests will love exploring this unique and immersive lobby that definitely brings Disney animation to life!