Review: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Review: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square:

Reservation: 8:45 pm, Friday, July 15th. (But checked in around 8:20 and was sat with in 5 minutes.) Server: Ann

Tony’s Town Square is located just inside the gates of the Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA. This American-Italian restaurant plops you right in the middle of the beloved “Lady and The Tramp” movie. The lobby is accented with comfortable, large, red chairs and you will find a TV. set playing none other than the Lady and the Tramp to keep younger customers entertained while waiting to be seated.

Once you are ready to be seated, the host/hostess walks you to your table. You will pass by dozens of framed pictures depicting scenes from the movie as well as a beautiful fountain in the center of the restaurant with a statue of America’s favorite doggy couple.

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The menu here was not the largest I’ve seen but it did seem to have a little bit of everything. They had a few vegetarian options such as a few salads and a “Seafood Diavolo”. The Seafood Diavolo was a plate of linguini pasta served with the fish of the day, mussels, clams, shrimp and calamari in a spicy tomato sauce.  They had a great kids menu with lots of things to color and activities. It had your basic kiddie foods such as a cheese pizza, spaghetti and Mickey shaped ravioli. I especially liked this menu because it had two of the options pictured for kids to see.

Although you are brought a complimentary plate of rolls with olive oil, we still ordered the toasted cheese garlic bread. The garlic bread here was amazing! We were brought a ½ loaf cut into 3 pieces topped with a generous amount of melted cheeses and sweet chopped tomatoes with a few leaves of chopped basil. You could really taste the fresh ingredients like the garlic and basil on this appetizer. I recommend it completely.

For our entrees I ordered the Braised Lamb Shank, and my fiancé ordered the Grilled Pork Tenderloin. My lamb shank came out perfect. Fell right off the bone but was still fully cooked. It was topped off with delicious Chianti Demi-glace that gave it a nice, almost sharp taste. I found this interesting; it came on top of a creamy parmesan polenta mixture. This was my first time trying polenta anything. I would have to compare it to a cross between mashed potatoes and grits, and it was great!

The pork tenderloin came accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus and a red wine, mushroom sauce. There was also hardly any need for a knife here either. The pork was nice and juicy. I loved the red wine sauce it came with as well, great for the mashed potatoes.

In all honesty between the rolls, garlic bread and then our entrees that we ate entirely, we were pretty full, but I just cannot resist dessert.  Dessert is probably my favorite part of any meal and Tony’s had one of my top favorite desserts; Crème Brulee.  The Crème Brulee option was a “Pistachio Crème Brulee” that was a wonderful end to a great meal.  It came with a beautiful cup of strawberries and sugar tossed pistachios.

Our total bill came out to be: $62.15 without gratuity, but with my fiancé’s 20% cast member discount it was $60.22 and that included an 18% gratuity.  I believe the rule is, if you’re using something that gives you a discount, like a Cast member discount or a Tables in Wonderland card, then gratuity is added. But if you’re just paying without a discount then it’s up to you to add it on.

The service you get at Tony’s was absolutely up to the Disney standard. Even at 8:30 pm it was still pretty busy. When our waitress was busy helping different tables, other wait staff stepped up and made sure we were doing alright by offering to fill up our drinks or asking us if we needed anything at all. It was nice to see the staff here act like a team to truly make sure every single guest was happy.

Our waitress was great too. She treated us like family, joking with us and even insisting we keep our change since the gratuity was already added. She was busy but she still took the time to suggest menu options and never kept us waiting on anything, our food came out very quickly.

I really enjoyed my time here at Tony’s Town Square. I would recommend this restaurant for families with children. The restaurant was pretty loud when we first went in, with hyper, happy, Disney kids and excited parents but it did start to quiet down around 9:00. The staff was very kid friendly and oriented, they would even bring out baggies of Mickey shaped glitter for kids and allow them to decorate the table with it. You can’t get much better servers than the ones who actually encourage a mess.

Hope you and your family has a great time here!

FAST Review

Food- food was surprisingly good! Everything came out quickly and hot. You also received a very generous portion of everything. The kids menu here was also really great. Lots of great italian options for everyone!

Atmosphere- atmosphere at Tonys was nice. I love the fountain of Lady and the Tramp in the center of the restaurant. This is a very kid friendly place and it can get pretty loud, but everyone is having a wonderful time still.

Service- we had the best service here at Tony’s. Everyone worked as a team and we were treated like family. The staff was very warm, friendly and helpful. Tony’s is one of those places where you leave In a better mood then when you go in.

Tips- The best tips I can give you are; to remember this is more of a kid restaurant than an adult, so expect it to be louder than useful during peak times of the day. Also beware that Tony’s sits right on the parade rout so it gets very busy right outside the restaurant during the parade. If you’re visiting during slower times of the year and you’re seated outside, you might get a great view of the parade! If it’s a busier time of the year and you’re sitting outside, expect to see the backs of people because, like I said, Tony’s is a hot spot for parade watchers.

Karen S.

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