Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party


Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

Hmmmmmm…….let’s take a moment, shall we,  and think about this long and hard.  Take the famed Magic Kingdom fireworks spectacular, pair it with an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet and what do you get???  How about an evening of pure indulgence; a decadent, dazzling feast for the senses.  One that only Disney can master. It doesn’t take long to realize two Disney favorites, when paired together, can only spell “MAGIC”.

The Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party is probably one of Disney’s best kept secrets.  The  special dining event takes place on select nights and begins approximately one hour before the Wishes fireworks show.   Once you check in and are given a wristband you are led by an affable cast member to a table specially reserved for your party.   And then it takes but a moment for the onslaught of wonder to begin and the Disney magic to take hold.

My eyes grew wide as soon as I caught glimpse of the colorful confections adorning the dessert stations. Fluffy mocha mousse, decadent fudge brownies, freshly baked cookies, crispy Italian cannolis, petite key lime pies, mango sorbet shooters, chocolate-dipped strawberries, custard-based fruit tarts,  cheesecake bites with a heavenly graham cracker crust, creamy banana pudding tarts, coffee-laced Tiramisu………….need I go on?  We loaded our plates with a varied selection and eagerly made our way to our front-row table.

Could my smile be any wider as I munched on a scrumptiously plump, rich, dark chocolate-dipped strawberry while a twinkling green dragon merrily made his way around the castle hub?  I doubt it.

As if Disney desserts aren’t splendid enough, Disney desserts being consumed against the enchanting background of  the perfectly picturesque Cinderella Castle is nothing short of heaven. We watched as it was bathed in a rotating rainbow of muted pastels as we rotated our way around the mound of mini desserts encircling our plates.As we sampled the wonderful array of sweets (the mango shooters and fruit tarts were two of our favorites), we delighted in watching the castle projection show “Celebrate the Magic” in which Cinderella’s castle becomes a shimmering canvas for some of Disney’s most beloved characters and iconic film scenes. It was like not only having a prime seat for the most fabulous movie ever but simultaneously feasting on the most delectable movie snacks as well.

And then the fireworks began. If truth be told, cardboard would most probably taste delightful in this fantastical setting.  What could be better than endless trays of mini, sweet indulgences amidst the sparkling cascade of celestial lights?  A symphony of lights paired with a symphony of tastes is a glorious treat for the senses and a harmonious blend of all that makes Disney so incredibly unique.  The exploding colors seems to sweetly parallel the exploding flavors. (NOTE:  On most nights, Tinker Bell will fly almost right over your head prior to the start of the fireworks.  She didn’t fly on our visit due to weather conditions)

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If there is one small negative to this experience, it probably was the sound quality.  Oddly, there do not seem to be special speakers at or near the party to get the full effect of the shows.  One had to strain to hear the soundtrack which went with the projection show.  The audio portion of Wishes was better yet still a bit muted.

The Dessert Party is a must-do for both the Disney aficionado and the first-time visitor.  A night of pure spectacle and sheer delight.  And a nice way to cap off a happy day at Disney.  Sitting down, relaxing and having a view which is hard to beat for one of the best shows on property and which makes Disney………..well,………..Disney.

The cost is $21.99 for Guests ages 10 and over and $11.99 for Guests ages 3 – 9, prepayment is required at the time of booking. Pricing during peak periods (identified weeks that have a higher price point due to demand) will be $25.99 for adults and $13.99 for children. Park admission to Magic Kingdom Park is also required. The Disney Dining Plan is not accepted.

FOOD:  Delicious bite-sized confections that rival the dessert trays of most of Disney’s resort hotels.  Lines move quickly and selections are plentiful.  There is also a beverage selection of hot beverages like coffee, cocoa and assorted teas and cold drinks like apple cider and fruit juice.

ATMOSPHERE:  How can an unobstructed view of the castle and the dazzling tapestry of fireworks against the night sky be any more splendid?

SERVICE:  Cast members were quick to remove empty plates and keep the area clean and dessert trays filled.

TIPS:  Although walk-up guests are welcome, you probably do not want to take the chance they will have availability.  The dessert party is held on select nights and seating is very limited.  Book well in advance.  Even if you do not get seated at a front table (as we fortunately did), during the fireworks, you are free to stand at the railing for a better view.


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