10 Tips For Choosing A Character Breakfast At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

A character breakfast can add to any Walt Disney World vacation. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with a chance to spend quality time with favorite characters, while filling up for the day? Character meals are a good way to introduce shy little ones to these larger than life figures, and they are also a lot of fun. There are many exciting dining experiences to choose from. These tips are meant to help you know what to consider when deciding which character breakfast is right for you and your family.


10. Find the Right Characters

Since a character meal is mostly about meeting the characters, learn who is at which meal. While characters do change from time to time, you can still get a good idea of who should be on hand. If meeting Donald is your number one priority, don’t book your only character breakfast at The Crystal Palace because you won’t find him there.

9. Learn the Alternatives

Some of the characters appear at more than one meal. Cinderella’s Royal Table is a hard reservation to get, but Akershus Royal Banquet Hall also features princesses. You’ll find classic Disney characters at several breakfasts. While you should try to make a reservation at your first choice, have a backup in mind in case there is nothing open.

8. Make Sure It Is a Character Breakfast

Some character restaurants do not have characters at all meals. Make sure that you are booking a character meal when you make your reservation. You don’t want to show up, autograph book in hand, only to discover that there are no characters at breakfast.

7. Location of the Restaurant

You will want to book your character breakfast at a restaurant that is easy to get to. If you are going to have to wait 45 minutes for the right bus and then travel across Disney property to make it to your reservation, you’re going to be in a bad mood when you get there. If you can easily get to the restaurant, your whole family will be happier.

6. Price of the Meal

Character meals are expensive. Some cost more than others. While a character breakfast is a splurge that your whole family will enjoy, make sure you know how much you’ll be spending before you make the reservation. Also find out what is not included in the price, especially if your vacation budget is tight. Remember too that for most character meals, the gratuity is not included in the price, so please be generous for good service.

5. How Many Dining Credits?

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you might want to use table service dining credits to pay for a character meal. There are two things that you need to remember. The Quick Service Dining Plan does not include table service credits, so if that’s your plan you won’t be able to use it for your meal. Disney will sometimes quietly increase the number of table service credits required for a popular dining location, so double check to make sure.

4. The Type of Food

Many of the character breakfasts are buffets, and there are standard items that you will find on most of them. You still might want to see what foods are available before you make your reservation, just to be on the safe side. You want to be sure that your picky eater will leave with a full stomach.

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3. Ease of the Reservation

Some character breakfasts are not all that difficult to get a reservation for. Others can be quite a bit more difficult. If it’s getting close to your trip and you don’t yet have your reservation, you might want to find one that is easy to get. You’ll be less frustrated and better prepared. You can keep trying for the harder reservation if you want, but you’ll have a backup. Remember as well that if you have a reservation that you’re not going to use, cancel it. You’ll be charged a fee if you don’t and it will let someone else have a chance to take your spot.

2. Time of Breakfast

Timing your character breakfast correctly can add to your day. If you have an early breakfast inside a park you’ll be able to enter before the general public. You’ll see an empty park (which is always fun) and you’ll be able to get in line for the most popular rides earlier than most of the guests. If you’re not planning the breakfast inside a park you’ll still want to plan it perfectly. Reserve a later time and sleep in. A character breakfast on an off-day will allow you to recharge and you’ll still be doing something fun.

1. Which Day of the Trip

Another thing to consider is which day of your trip you want to enjoy your character breakfast. As already mentioned, the breakfast is a fun thing to do if you plan a day away from the parks. If you’re flying and you have an afternoon flight, a character breakfast on that final morning is the perfect way to wrap up your vacation. A character breakfast the first day of your vacation is also a fun way to kick off the magic. You know your family, pick which day everyone will get the most out of the breakfast and make a reservation.

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