This Disney Merchandise Fail Proves That Size Does Matter…

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Credit: Disney

It is safe to say that my expectations were not met…

If there is one thing that Disney loves to produce, it’s merchandise. Whether it be clothing, Mickey and Minnie Mouse ear headbands, popcorn buckets, drink sippers, pins, or toys, Disney truly has something for every kind of fan. Merchandise sales are one of the many ways that Disney is able to make extra revenue off of fans visiting the Parks and keep fan’s passion for the brand alive.

To help keep merchandise sales booming, Disney is extremely diligent about releasing new merchandise as often as possible. By doing this, fans are always able to shop for the next best thing being dropped on the ShopDisney website. One of Disney’s newest collections, the EPCOT Reimagined Collection, has caught the eyes of many fans.

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney

Spaceship Earth Takes Center Stage in New EPCOT Collection

The new EPCOT Reimagined Collection is the perfect set of merchandise for the EPCOT lover in your life. Known for its unique cultural flair and the vast diversity of its offerings, EPCOT is genuinely one of the most beloved theme parks in the world. Fans love EPCOT because of how individual it is; it really has its own unique image that is not replicated or found anywhere else.

When Walt Disney envisioned the creation of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, he wanted to transport Guests to a world beyond their imagination, a place where dreams could come true. For millions of fans, EPCOT does just that. One of EPCO Park’s most iconic landmarks, Spaceship Earth, serves as a symbol of this bold creativity.

Located at the heart of EPCOT, the Spaceship Earth attraction is housed within a massive geodesic dome resembling a giant metallic golf ball. This architectural marvel provides the perfect backdrop for the immersive experience that awaits inside. Over the years, fans have grown especially fond of Spaceship Earth’s exterior, and it has become a significant symbol for the Disney Parks brand.

Merchandise Flop?

One of the most exciting elements of the new EPCOT Reimagined merchandise collection was the model of Spaceship Earth. In the promotional image, the model looked absolutely gorgeous. It was so intriguing that I even went as far as to write a personal endorsement of the product. Unfortunately, it seems I may have jumped the gun.

In the promotional photo, the model EPCOT Ball looks to be a decent size and made of a high-quality material. Disney describes the item, saying, “This item lights up in an array of colors and features the EPCOT logo along with designs that reflect the four neighborhoods of the park.”

The reality of the image is just slightly more comical, as demonstrated by Disney fan @innoventioneast, who says;

“Disney is charging the ridiculous price of $125 for an 8 inch Spaceship Earth model. When I saw it in person it made me laugh because it was so small. I’ve placed a pin next to it for comparison.”

While this merchandise may be cool to some, in my opinion, the promotional picture vastly exceeds the reality of what the figure looks like. While many fans may love and end up purchasing this piece, for me, it is a fail!

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