Fans Can Now Bring The “EPCOT Ball” Home With Them

EPCOT Ball Spaceship Earth
Credit: Disney

This might be one of Disney’s coolest merchandise items ever!

Walt Disney World, often referred to as the ultimate vacation destination, is home to several renowned Disney parks, including the Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Among these parks, EPCOT holds a special place amongst fans due to its cultural flair and its iconic geodesic dome known as Spaceship Earth.

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Spaceship Earth: A Disney Landmark

Spaceship Earth, a concept first introduced by Walt Disney himself, symbolizes the Earth itself as a spaceship for humankind hurtling through space. At the entrance of EPCOT, this magnificent structure stands tall, capturing the imagination of visitors from around the world. This architectural marvel is reminiscent of Walt Disney’s vision for the future and his relentless belief in innovation and progress.

In addition to being a symbol of Walt’s creativity, Spaceship Earth has also become one of Walt Disney World Resort’s most iconic structures. Commonly nicknamed the “EPCOT Ball,” Spaceship Earth is a clear and easily recognizable piece of architecture.

Now, fans of this iconic ball will be able to have a mini-version of their own.

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Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Credit: Disney

EPCOT Ball Goes Mini!

Earlier today, Disney revealed some of the most exciting new pieces of merchandise being offered in their new EPCOT Reimagined Collection. Disney describes the collection, saying;

“This merchandise collection invites you to celebrate the next generation of immersive storytelling coming to life at this ever-evolving park while honoring the fan-favorite attractions and experiences that make this park special. These new items feature icons, attractions, and characters that represent the endless possibilities and spirit of optimism at EPCOT.”

The collection features new pins, backpacks, spirit jerseys, and other accessories themed after the Park. Also included in the collection is a Spaceship Earth Light up Figurine. This adorable mini version of the EPCOT ball is every EPCOT fan’s perfect accessory. Disney describes the item, saying;

“This item lights up in an array of colors and features the EPCOT logo along with designs that reflect the four neighborhoods of the park.”

How incredible! Fans will definitely be fighting to secure one of these awesome figurines.

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