This Character Interaction Confirms Buzz Lightyear Is An LGBTQ+ Ally

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When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World, few experiences are as personal or memorable as character interactions.

Meeting an iconic beloved character such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck can bring the magic to life for Guests. Not only that, but it can create a moment that’s truly magical, personal, and sure last for a lifetime.

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Character interactions can range from silly to heartwarming to even life-altering.

But as far as character interactions go, this moment with Buzz Lightyear takes the cake for the best character interaction of this year’s Pride Month.

Pride Month is a big deal as it marks a huge milestone for the LGBT community in America. Just ten years ago, we would have never thought of seeing a public Pride event celebrated by companies and organizations all over the country.

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Queer representation and LGBTQ representation are at an all-time high in entertainment and media, and although it’s an incredibly low bar to pass, it still counts for something! Not only that, but LGBTQ representation will only get better from here, especially in the Walt Disney Company.

Over in Hollywood Studios, Buzz Lightyear from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise is proving to be a huge queer ally with this character interaction:


Buzz is an ALLY (now canon) #disney #waltdisneyworld #hollywoodstudios #toystory #buzzlightyear #pride #pridemonth #ally

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In this video, Buzz Lightyear can be seen dancing with a huge folding fan that was sold as a part of one of Disney’s Pride Collections. However, the symbolism goes deeper than that.

Folding fans are a large part of gay culture for decades. Whether used in modern-day voguing and dancing or used as a secret symbol for one’s sexuality in years-gone-by, the folding fan is an accessory that simply holds a deeper meaning for the LGBT community.

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Not only is Buzz Lightyear’s fun dancing silly and entertaining, but it’s also incredibly heartwarming in its sheer symbolic acceptance.

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