These Cinderellas Made the Cut But One Big One Was Left Out!

5 Cinderella iterations

Everyone has a favorite Disney Princess, whether they admit it or not. Luckily there is a handful of them to identify with, but some classic Disney heroines have more than one version to choose from. PattyCake Productions, popular YouTube content creators, dial in on this phenomenon in their most recent video showing the evolution of Cinderella.

Specializing in “cinematic videos,” their productions feature “custom musical arrangements” and “in-house made costumes.” However, these descriptions do not do justice to their level of production value and attention to detail in hundreds of Walt Disney-inspired videos. In the latest video on their channel, five unique takes on the Cinderella character shine between beautiful special effects and underneath the song “If the Shoe Fits.” With music and lyrics by Layne Stein And Tony Wakim (the creators behind PattyCake) and vocals from Melody Gutierrez, the tune has a very Wizards of Waverly Place vibe.

Cinderella Sketch

PattyCake Productions YouTube

The music video takes us through a “Disney workshop” filled with props, sketches, and costumes nodding to perhaps the most well-known retelling, Walt Disney’s animated Cinderella (1950). Did you notice the castle dressed up for Disney World’s 50th anniversary? Down in front, Cinderella, in her raggedy dress, comes to life and sings the lyrics, but it isn’t long before a beautiful (and sparkly) effect helps her change into her ball gown.

Just before the dress glow-up, we see a familiar movie poster from Brandy’s Cinderella (1997), also starring and co-produced by the great Whitney Houston. Brandy’s Cinderella similarly comes to life, and her dress transformation is equally dazzling. The two Cinderellas introduced so far joyfully sing, “And if the shoe fits, then I say, wear it.”

Brandy's Cinderella Poster

PattyCake Productions YouTube

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Do you recognize our next Cindy? Eagle-eyed viewers or super fans may notice that she is a portrayal from the ABC television series Once Upon A Time (2011), played by actress Jessy Schram in season one. Inside a storybook reading “Once Upon a Time,” we see her sweeping cobblestone.

The following two introductions are made quickly. The first is for theater-goers who identify this Cinderella from the 1987 Broadway musical Into the Woods,  portrayed by Anna Kendrick in the 2014 film version. Next, in the same workshop, Lily James’ Cinderella (2015) twirls into the tiny-waisted masterpiece showcased in the film. Our Once Upon a Time and Into the Woods ladies get their makeovers immediately after, each matching the dress style and hair of their iterations. The attention to detail is stunning!

2015 Cinderella Dress

PattyCake Productions YouTube

The rest of the music video involves some cute shoes, a glass slipper, and longing looks for a prince charming, until the fateful stroke of midnight on the clock. All goes quiet again, and the workshop closes up.

The most recent Cinderella-themed film released in 2021, starring Camila Cabello, was noticeably left out!

Watch it for yourself and decide if they made a mistake! Did they include your favorite Cinderella story?

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