Teen Lured to Her Death by Man Who Promised Her ‘Disney Merchandise’

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This story is truly heartbreaking.

A teenage girl was murdered after being lured to her death in a horrifying way.

On a warm summer evening in Iroquois County, Illinois, tragedy struck when a 17-year-old girl was lured into a man’s home with the promise of Disney cups. Adara Bunn was a straight-A student with a successful career as a veterinarian ahead of her. Instead, her precious life was cut short on August 5, 2019.

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Tragedy Hits Small Town in Illinois

The man responsible for Adara’s death was Arthur Jensen, an Illinois resident with a collection of Disney memorabilia that he used to lure Adara to his home. Following his arrest, Jensen initially denied any involvement in the girl’s death but later confessed to the crime. Adara was lured to his residence with the promise of Pocahontas-themed Disney cups.

On Monday,  Jensen was sentenced to 50 years in prison for his role in Adara’s death. Despite pleas for leniency from Jensen’s wife, Judge Ron DeSantis handed down a large sentence, citing the horrific nature of the crime. Jurors found him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

The story of Adara’s murder shook the small, tight-knit community of Iroquois County and the surrounding area. Following Adara’s death, law enforcement officials and investigators worked tirelessly to piece together the story of what had happened. They spoke with witnesses, friends, and neighbors, and gathered DNA and other forensic evidence to build their case against Jensen. The Assistant State’s Attorney, Michael Quinlan, told PEOPLE, “This is one of the worst murder cases I have ever seen.”

adara bunn


We now know that on August 2, 2019, Adara and her mother purchased Disney memorabilia at Jensen’s garage sale. Later, on Sunday of that week, Adara returned to inquire with Jensen’s wife if there were any more Disney memorabilia available. Jensen’s wife was out of town, but Jenson told her to return at a later date to get the Pocahontas cups she wanted. When she returned on August 5 to get the cups, she was brutally murdered by Jensen.

Arthur Jensen Receives 50-Year Sentence

In the years since the murder, residents of Sheldon and Iroquois County have rallied around Adara’s memory, holding vigils and fundraisers in her honor. Her family has remained strong, despite their unimaginable loss, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that her story is not forgotten.

adara bunn

Credit: Daily Mail

The tragedy of Adara Bunn’s death is a sobering reminder that even small communities can be rocked by violence and crime. Today, Adara’s memory lives on, not only in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved her but in the ongoing efforts to make our communities safer for all.

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