The State, defense rest in murder trial for Celebration, Florida man who said he, his wife agreed to kill their family before the Apocalypse

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On Wednesday, the State of Florida and the defense rested in the trial of a man accused of murdering his family at their home in Celebration, Florida, in 2020.

Forty-six-year-old Anthony Todt is on trial for the murders of his wife, Megan Todt, his four-year-old daughter Zoe Todt, his two sons, Alek Todt, age 13, and Tyler Todt, age 11, as well as the family dog named Breezy. The bodies of Todt’s deceased family members and the family pet were discovered in January 2020 in their home located in the town of Celebration, Florida, near the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Celebration, Florida, was first founded by the Walt Disney Company in the 1990s and is usually regarded as a quiet community. News of the Todt family murders rocked the small town.

Anthony Todt, 46, is a physical therapist who worked and lived in Connecticut prior to moving to Celebration. The bodies of Megan Todt and the couple’s children were found on January 13, 2020, after federal agents and deputies arrived at the family home in Celebration to serve an arrest warrant on Anthony Todt on charges of health care fraud.

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The jury in the murder trial was seated on April 6 at the Osceola County Courthouse. At that time, Circuit Judge Keith Carsten told the 14 jurors12 jurors and two alternate jurors–that they would hear opening statements from the State and from Anthony Todt‘s defense attorneys beginning Monday, April 11.

During the jury seating, Judge Carsten reminded the jury that they were not to form “any definite or fixed opinion on the merits of the case” until they had heard all of the evidence presented in the case.

“You should not discuss the case with anyone or with each other,” Carsten said to them.

Anthony Todt is being represented by Orange-Osceola County Public Defender Robert Wesley. Outside the presence of the selected jurors, Wesley told Judge Carsten that the defense for Anthony Todt would defer its opening statement, opting instead to wait to present theirs until the State rests its case against Todt.

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The murder trial commenced as planned on Monday with an opening statement from the State.

On Wednesday, the State began by calling on Detective Cole Miller to take the stand. Detective Miller was responsible for interviewing Anthony Todt after the murders. A video recording of that interview was played for the jurors to hear on Tuesday.

The State presented questions to Detective Miller during day three of the murder trial Wednesday, after which the defense declined to question him.

It was at that time that the State rested its case, surprising Anthony Todt‘s defense attorneys. The court then adjourned for lunch. Upon returning, the defense called Anthony Todt to the stand to testify.

Todt talked about his wife, Megan Todt, saying she had many health issues, including Lyme disease.

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My wife, she was a yoga teacher in addition to [being a] physical therapist,” Todt said. “[She] went from a very strong, vibrant woman to barely holding onto 90 pounds.” Todt further shared that his wife had endured miscarriages, which “affected her big time.”

“She went from a humming and dancing person to someone who didn’t get out of bed,” Todt explained.

Anthony Todt then proceeded to blame the deaths of his children on his wife, saying that he came home and found them deceased, and that his wife had blood on her shirt.

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In 2020, Todt confessed to the killings. He also told detectives that he and his wife Megan had an agreement to kill their family so they could “pass over” since the apocalypse was coming. But he had since reneged on that confession. In court on Wednesday, he said that he had tried to cover for his wife.

Bond Denied for Man Accused in Slaying of Celebration Family

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He said that after the deaths, he tried to commit suicide multiple times.

“I remember at least eight times,” Todt said, explaining that he tried to overdose several times with Benadryl. “I just wanted to be with my family.” When his attorney asked him if he killed his family, Todt responded with “No.”

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From the stand, Anthony Todt further said that his wife used holistic, religious, and spiritual practices as treatments for her illnesses. After his testimony, the court adjourned for lunch, after which the defense rested without calling any further witnesses.

Closing arguments took place Thursday morning and jury deliberations are underway.

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