‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Star Goes Viral, Accused of Lying About Universal Studios Job

Sydney Sweeney Universal Tour Guide
Credit: Hulu

It seems that, in a very short period of time, actress Sydney Sweeney went from a relative unknown to one of the most in-demand stars on the face of the planet. Sweeney was born on September 12, 1997, and began acting when she was just 12 years old. For years, she scored a number of small roles in hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, and Pretty Little Liars.

But Sydney’s luck changed in 2018 when she scored a lead role on the widely popular Hulu show, The Handmaid’s Tale. Sweeney played Eden Spencer, a young girl forced into marriage and falls in love with someone she is not supposed to.

Sydney Sweeney The Handmaid's Tale

Credit: Hulu

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From there, Sweeney’s acting career skyrocketed. She then snagged a lead role in the HBO limited series, Sharp Objects, where she starred alongside Patricia Clarkson and Amy Adams. Next, she scored the lead role of Cassie Howard in the multi-award-winning HBO series, Euphoria, which also stars Zendaya. Most recently, she starred alongside Dakota Johnson in Sony’s Marvel film Madame Web.

But it’s not any of Sweeney’s recent roles that have people talking — it’s one of her old jobs before she made a name for herself.

Sydney Sweeney Madame Web

Credit: Sony Pictures

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In a November interview with Women’s Health, Sweeney said that her family could not afford to live in Los Angeles. So, in order to help, she got several jobs. One of those jobs was as a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood. The job was perfect for her, Sweeney said, since she visited the theme park so often and knew the tour guide script word for word. However, she said she wasn’t there long, because she booked her role on Sharp Objects.

Sydney Sweeney Sharp Objects

Credit: HBO

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After Sweeney spoke openly about her job interview, fans started digging in and things quickly got out of hand. TikToker Taylor Hancock went viral for claiming that Sweeney was lying about working at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hancock said that he worked at Universal Studios for years and never saw Sweeney on the tram giving a tour.


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People started attacking Sweeney for lying about working at the popular Southern California theme park. But, it turns out, Sweeney wasn’t lying about anything.

The Hollywood Reporter did some digging and found out that Sweeney was actually hired at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter investigated it, too, and found that Sweeney is, in fact, telling the truth. It’s just that her tenure at Universal was short-lived and she left before having a big impact on the tour circuit. Sweeney was hired by Universal Studios Hollywood on June 12, 2016, after which she attended an orientation shift followed by a training shift. However, she exited the job on July 18, 2016, when she booked an acting job. Her resume backs it up as Sweeney has 11 credits on her resume from 2016-2017, including Cassidy Way, Angels in Stardust, The Horde, Manic, Pretty Little Liars, and In the Vault, among others.

Sydney Sweeney Euphoria

Credit: HBO

Being a Universal Studios tour guide requires A LOT of training — weeks worth of training. So, it’s more than likely that Hancock never saw Sweeney giving a tour of the studio lot because she never finished the training. But it’s really nice to know that the popular actress wouldn’t lie about a job that she had before she made her mark on Hollywood.

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