Surprise! NEW Disney Attraction is Being Soft-Launched Starting Tomorrow

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Walt Disney World Resort at Disney Springs is renowned for its immersive experiences and captivating attractions that cater to the dreams of children and adults alike. One of the most anticipated additions to this magical destination is the Journey of Water, inspired by Moana at EPCOT. This attraction is set to be a true feast for the senses.

‘Moana’ Attraction Makes Surprise Announcement

EPCOT, known as a celebration of innovation, inspiration, and entertainment, is a unique but fitting setting for Journey of Water. Traditionally known as a theme park showcasing technological advancements as well as world culture, Moana‘s story works for multiple elements.

journey of water inspired by moana water quality do not drink walt disney world te fiti disney park clean water attraction

Credit: Disney

Due to the success of the film Moana, it became clear to fans that there was a demand for an attraction based on the film. While many fans initially thought that Disney’s Animal Kingdom would be the home of a future attraction, it would end up being EPCOT that was selected.

The focal point of the Journey of Water, inspired by Moana, is the awe-inspiring and interactive body of water that responds to the touch of Guests. Drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian oceans depicted in the film, this unique water experience will captivate visitors of all ages. The entire attraction includes living, breathing water features that play and interact with the Guests as they walk through it.

At the heart of the attraction sits the main focal point: a massive and stunning statue of Te Fiti. This stunning and lush landmark is truly a sight to see. Many fans see this water attraction as being a nice change of pace from typical Disney attractions. Instead of a thrilling roller coaster, this peaceful, nature-based attraction is a refreshing change of pace from Walt Disney Imagineering.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

Credit: Disney

Soft Launch Announces as Surprise for Guests

The opening date for Journey of Water is October 16th, 2023. Fans have been awaiting this day for a while. This summer, Cast Members and certain members of the press have been invited to preview the attraction. All of the content coming from these previews has made the public more eager than ever to experience this attraction for themself.

Now, Disney has announced that they will actually be soft-launching this attraction starting tomorrow, October 6! On select days from October 6- October 15, Guests will be able to experience this attraction as part of a “soft opening” leading up to the official opening.

If you want to be one of the people to attend the soft opening, you’ll definitely want to keep up with Disney Parks on X and TikTok to see any updates on the opening. A soft opening does not mean that everyone will be guaranteed to get inside.

It will be thrilling to see what the general public thinks of this water inspired Disney Park attraction when it finally gets its public debut tomorrow!

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