“Stuff of Nightmares”: Universal Under Fire for Unsettling New Attraction Design

Look-Out Disney: Universal Announces New Dreamworks Animation Land Opening in 2024
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What was Universal thinking?

DreamWorks Land is a captivating new section of Universal Orlando Resort that is set to bring guests into the enchanting world of DreamWorks Animation later this year. One of the standout attractions in DreamWorks Land is the Trollercoaster. This thrilling roller coaster ride takes guests on an exciting journey through beloved DreamWorks characters and iconic landscapes of Trolls. As guests board the Trollercoaster, they will be greeted by familiar faces from the Trolls franchise.

While many fans are thrilled and excited about this new addition, newly captured photographs of the ride’s design have rained on many fans’ parades.

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Universal DreamWorks

Credit: Universal

“Scary” New Ride Shocks Fans

So far, the reception of the DreamWorks Land has been extremely positive. Between attractions like Shreks Swamp, Gabbys Dollhouse, the How to Train Your Dragon attraction, and Kung Fu Panda village, this new DreamWorks destination should have something for everyone. Guests will get to meet their favorite characters and explore this DreamWorks imagination celebration in just a few short months. Younger fans were thrilled to see the inclusion of the Trolls franchise in the land with Poppy’s Playground and the Trolls Trollercoaster. These adorable musical comedies have gained a fanbase amongst Universal’s younger audience.

However, new photos of the main Trolls attraction, the Trolls Trollercoaster, have left many fans feeling confused as to what exactly Universal was thinking. With the ride vehicles’ unsettling design, it is not hard to imagine some fans feeling frightened by it. After a photo of the ride went viral online, fans have had their fair share of criticism.

New Rides Arrive Summer 2024

It is too early to know if this is how the rides will look upon completion. With all the negative feedback, Universal may make some changes before the official opening later this year. The DreamWorks Land is slated for an opening this summer, and even with this minor hiccup, fans are feeling incredibly excited about this new development.

Universal DreamWorks

Credit: Universal

Once again, Universal Resort has proved its dedication to providing guests with top-of-the-line entertainment options that have continued to keep fans engaged and coming back to the incredible Universal locations worldwide. While the reception of the Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land might not be perfect, it is still thrilling to see this new Universal Studios Orlando land come to life. In addition to this land, fans can also look forward to the incredible new Universal Park, Epic Universe, that is set to open next year.

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