Snacking Around Epcot’s World Showcase

Snacking Around Epcot’s World Showcase

While many of you have probably heard of the ever popular adult activity known as “Drinking Around the World,” where you partake in at least one alcoholic drink in each World Showcase pavilion, a lesser known, and more family friendly, game is “Snacking Around the World.”  Snacking Around the World is an opportunity for EPCOT guests to experience a notable snack from each country represented in EPCOT.  This is a wonderful way to experience the cuisine of each country, as well as to maybe try something you’ve never had before.

So without further ado, let’s start our tour South of the Border in Mexico!


The Mexico pavilion offers two snacking choices, both of which are located at the quick service restaurant: La Cantina de San Angel.  Here, I suggest you try either the tortilla chips and guacamole (you could also opt for the nachos if you’re feeling extra hungry), or the churritos.  The chips are hand cut, corn tortilla chips that are lightly fried and salted to perfection.  The guacamole is rich and creamy with just the right amount of lime mixed in.  Be sure to get some salsa from the salsa bar to go with your chips.  You’ll have your choice of mild or hot.

For a sweeter selection, the churritos are a cinnamon and sugar gift from God. This dough comes out fried to perfection in perfect tiny bites.  The accompanying milk caramel sauce is both sweet and salty and compliments the chewiness of the churrito.


Once in Norway, head to the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for one of EPCOT’s most popular treats: School Bread.  Similar to a doughnut, this sweet bread is filled with vanilla custard and topped with a sugary icing and toasted coconut.  It’s just sweet enough to satisfy a craving without putting you on a sugar high for the rest of the day.  Another option would be the Troll Horn.  This is a flaky pastry shell filled with a fruit icing filling that is super sweet.  The whole horn is then dipped in sanding sugar for an extra sweet kick!


It’s time for something savory from the Joy of Tea stand near the front of the China pavilion.  Here, try the pork buns or curry chicken pockets.  The pork buns are an order of two soft, buttery buns that give way to a delicious pork barbeque-like filling upon the first bite.  The flavor is not too spicy, and offers just the right kick of sweetness that I like in a barbeque sauce.  On the other hand, the curry chicken pockets are a flaky crust, much like a turnover, filled with a spicy chicken and vegetable mixture.


For many, a trip to the Germany pavilion would not be complete without a traditional soft pretzel.  You can get one of these pretzels at the beer stand near the front of the pavilion or at Sommerfest, Germany’s quick service restaurant.  However, you really should choose your German snack from the many options at Karamell-Kuche bakery.  I highly recommend the caramel filled chocolate cookie.  You won’t be disappointed.


Gelato is synonymous with Italy, and that holds true while in EPCOT.  Grab a handmade gelato cookie sandwich from the gelato cart at the front of the pavilion.  However, if you are looking for something a little more filling or savory, then head back to Tutto Gusto.  At this wine bar set in a wine cellar, you can choose from a number of charcuterie boards (a selection of meats and cheeses), or a panino sandwich (a deli sandwich generally served on ward focaccia bread pressed under a grill) served with a small salad.

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When visiting the United States pavilion, I highly recommend getting a funnel cake from the small funnel cake stand at the front right of the pavilion.  This is one of only a few spots in all of Walt Disney World where you can get this traditional, American treat.  In addition to the plain powdered sugar funnel cake we all know and love, this stand gives you the opportunity to add ice cream and chocolate sauce to your funnel cake.  If you are lucky enough to be visiting EPCOT during the fall months, the pumpkin funnel cake might be on the menu.  This seasonal treat is a cult favorite among EPCOT World Showcase snack aficionados.


Sushi awaits you when you head to the Japan pavilion.  Walk up to the left of the pavilion, behind the sake stand and through the beautifully manicured Japanese gardens, to the Katsura Grill.  Here, order your favorite sushi roll – my husband and I prefer the California roll.  This roll is always freshly prepared and a nice contrast to the mostly sweet snacks on the tour.


Next up is Morocco, and there is really only one snack choice when you visit this pavilion – baklava!  Available at the Tangierine Café, this flaky dessert is the stuff dreams are made of.  Layers of filo dough are filled with chopped walnuts and sweetened with syrup made of butter and sugar.  Partner the baklava with one of the Tangierine Café’s signature coffees and linger a while enjoying the sites and art of the Morocco pavilion.


With the opening of Les Halles Boulangerie and L ’Artisan des Glaces, the France pavilion offers too many amazing pasty and ice cream options to choose just one.  However, one snack that seems to stick out to most visitors of the EPCOT France pavilion is the crepe.  Served up hot and fresh from the creperie stand at the front of the pavilion, these thin pancakes come served with your choice of toppings and fillings.  I personally prefer the chocolate crepe.  The chocolate hazelnut spread melts in the warm crepe.  This is a snack you can eat while walking, which makes you feel like you’re on a Parisian sidewalk, but take a minute to eat it with a knife and fork and really take in the sweet and savory elements of this traditional French cuisine.


Once you’ve arrived in Jolly Ol’ England, it is time to head to the Yorkshire County Fish house for a side of chips. For those of you who may not know, “chips” is another word for French fries.  These thick cut, steak fries are expertly deep fried to a golden brown and crispy exterior.  Be sure to douse the chips with some malt vinegar for an authentic British experience!


There is not much by way of edible snacks in the Canada pavilion as it’s only restaurant is Le Cellier steakhouse.  However, stop by the snack cart, near the entrance to Victoria Gardens, for a liquid snack.  Adults will enjoy the light-bodied Moosehead Lager, while the kids will be sure to love the refreshing and citrus taste of the frozen North Bay Smoothie.  However, if you are looking to keep your snacks to actual food items during your crawl, you can head into the Trading Post to grab some interesting flavored potato chips (dill pickle chips, anyone?) or some traditional maple candy.

So there you have it: a snacking tour around the World Showcase.  While it is true that some pavilions offer better selections than others, but all in all the snacks represent their country well.  Snacking Around the World is a fun afternoon on its own, or you could partner the snack tour with your Drinking Around the World tour for double the cultural experience!  Happy snacking!

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