Alternative Rock Band Shows Big Love for ‘Bluey’ During Weekend Show in Queensland

simple plan band and bluey characters
Credit: Simple Plan/Ludo Studio/Disney+

A popular alternative rock band that has been together now for 25 years showed some of its own fandom for Bluey during a concert over the weekend in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, no doubt setting everyone into dance mode.


Credit: Canva

A Simple Plan Led to the Band, Simple Plan

Simple Plan is a Canadian rock band hailing from Montreal, Quebec. They formed in 1999, and currently, the band members include Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, and Sébastien Lefebvre.

According to a long-running fansite for the group, choosing a name for the band was very . . . well, simple.

simple plan band

Credit: Ticketmaster/Simple Plan

In 1998, a new film titled A Simple Plan by Sam Raimi was released, and as the group was about to play a show, they were scrambling to determine a name for their band. That film had everything to do with the name that ultimately stuck with the four members of the band:

The guys were like, ‘We need a band name; we’re playing a show!’ And the producer had just been watching the movie ‘A Simple Plan,’ and he was like, ‘You guys should try that name,’ so they dropped the ‘A’ and just went with Simple Plan, and we ended up keeping the name. When we got signed, we were wondering if we were keeping that name or not, and you know what, it is kinda [a] Simple Plan because we get to do what we’ve always wanted to do for a living.

simple plan band

Credit: Simple Plan

A Tour of Australia

As part of their tour in Australia, Simple Plan scheduled numerous shows in Perth, Metro City, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, all of which were sold out. Even after the band added second and third shows in some of the sold-out cities, tickets went quickly, and eventually, those shows were sold out as well.

Ticketmaster’s website included a message from the band to their fans Down Under:

Thank you to all our amazing Aussie fans for all the love and support and selling out all these dates! We’re so excited to be able to play more shows for you and move our Melbourne concert to such an iconic venue. We always jump at the chance to spend more time Down Under, so we couldn’t be more grateful!

simple plan band australia

Credit: Simple Plan/Canva

Video Shows an Overly Successful Show in Brisbane

And while we’re sure the band’s talents have a lot to do with the reasons behind the nearly immediate selling-out of the Australian shows, video clips shared online give us a whole new perspective on the success of Simple Plan’s shows–particularly the show performed by the band on Sunday evening, April 14, at the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane.

@rebsgigs @Simple Plan @Bluey the cross over we didnt know we needed #simpleplan #wethekings #livemusic #touring #blueytok #bluey #xyzbca #fypシ #aussiethings ♬ original sound – rebsgigs

At the end of their show on Sunday evening, the band played their own version of the Bluey theme song, inserting their own names in place of Mum, Dad, Bingo, and Bluey. And instead of saying, “Bluey!” at the end of the song, the band shouted, “Simple Plan!”

concert with bluey theme song

Credit: X/@BlueyCommunity

The crowd seemed to enjoy the song as part of the concert, and it was a nice touch for the ending of the band’s show in Brisbane, which is reportedly where Bluey lives in Australia with her parents and her younger sister, Bingo.

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