Original Cast to Return For ‘Shrek 5’ – Here’s What We Currently Know

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Credit: DreamWorks

Are you ready to return to Far, Far Away? The original cast reportedly is!


Credit: DreamWorks

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Although DreamWorks Animation had relatively low hopes for the film, Shrek (2001) was an instant hit with audiences. It was delightfully different, diverged from the beloved fairy tale genre everybody knows and loves, and was just vulgar enough to create a lasting mark on the entertainment industry.


Credit: DreamWorks

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Not only that, but the first Shrek film also hosted an impressive cast. The titular ogre was played by Mike Myers, who was known, at the time, for being a comic genius. His endearingly annoying sidekick, Donkey, was played by Eddie Murphy, another comic everyone would recognize. The beautiful Princess Fiona was played by Cameron Diaz, known for her wonderful voice.

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In short, the original cast was star-studded,aq and remained star-studded up until the last installment, Shrek Forever After (2010). According to an article by Variety, the original voice cast has shown “tremendous enthusiasm” about returning.

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Not only that, but the report also states that a spinoff all about Donkey could also be in the works as well! Eddie Murphy himself has said that after the success of both spinoff Puss In Boots films, he’d return to play Donkey for a spinoff “in two seconds.”

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Hopefully, DreamWorks Animation gives audiences a chance to return to Far, Far Away, happily ever after, and of course, Shrek and Fiona’s stinky, smelly swamp. Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest news on the situation.

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