Seven Cracked Beams Discovered on Popular Roller Coaster; Department of Labor Shares Report on Findings

Carowinds Fury325
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The Department of Labor has finally published a detailed report addressing the cracked beam that supports the renowned Fury 325 roller coaster at Carowinds.

Carowinds Fury 325, located in North Carolina, is a renowned roller coaster that stands out as one of the tallest and fastest coasters not just in North America but worldwide. The ride itself is a marvel of engineering, constructed by the esteemed firm Bolliger & Mabillard. What sets Fury 325 apart is not just its impressive height and speed but also the sheer thrill and adrenaline rush it offers riders as they plummet down its steep drops and zoom through its invigorating twists and turns.

However, last year, the ride faced a significant scandal when the Department of Labor launched an investigation into seven cracked beams found on the North Carolina roller coaster’s base.

carowinds Fury 325

Credit: Carowinds

Update on Coaster’s Cracks

The North Carolina amusement park officials take great pride in the meticulous and regular inspections that Fury 325 undergoes to ensure the utmost safety and structural integrity of the ride. The support beams and pillars are subject to thorough scrutiny, inspection, and testing to guarantee that every aspect of the roller coaster meets the highest safety standards.

However, this safety standard did take a hit last year when the discovery of these support pillar cracks was first reported. After a video of the crack was posted to Channel 9, theme park fans were shocked and began to pressure the attraction to close. The ride was shut down for inspection, where the DOL found six additional cracks in the structure. Eventually, these cracks were re-welded, and the ride reopened on August 10, 2023.

carowinds Fury 325

Credit: Carowinds

Detail’s Revealed in Report

The full report from the North Carolina Department of Labor, which can be found here, provides major insight into the issue at hand. According to the report, the crack in the beam resulted from a phenomenon known as “unidirectional bending fatigue.” The investigation revealed that the fracture originated at the weld’s toe, located at the edge of the beam. Engineers identified this crack as a “stress raiser,” which significantly expedited the development of the fracture, as outlined in the report.

Remarkably, the support column in question was installed as recently as 2015. Despite its relatively young age, the report highlighted that its anticipated lifespan was initially projected to surpass 50 years, underscoring the unexpected nature of the structural issue.

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carowinds Fury 325

Credit: Carowinds

Thankfully, the ride at Carowinds Amusement Park is safe and back in service for fans.

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