Santa Is Now Black at Walt Disney World, Resulting in Massive Controversy Amongst Fans

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The Holidays are officially underway at Walt Disney World Resort, and for many fans, this year’s celebration is looking to be more magical than ever. With festive celebrations happening throughout all four Disney theme parks, there is no doubt that the holidays at Disney will excel this year.

For many fans, no holiday season is complete without getting to meet Santa Claus himself. Thankfully for Disney fans, there are several meet-and-greet opportunities throughout the theme parks. One of the most popular Disney Park locations to meet Santa is Disney Springs, the shopping area at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Disney Spring’s Santa Causes Online Controversy

Guests hoping to visit Santa at Walt Disney World Resort this year are in for a magical experience that continues the cherished tradition of meeting the jolly man himself. However, the 2023 holiday season at Disney has generated unexpected conversations and reactions among fans. The introduction of a Black Santa Claus at the park has stirred both excitement and, unfortunately, discomfort for some visitors.

It’s important to note that Walt Disney World has always been a place of inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and embracing different cultures. In line with their commitment to representing and reflecting the diverse world we live in, the decision to introduce a black Santa at the park is a significant step toward creating an even more inclusive environment.

For many guests, the sight of a Black Santa Claus brings a refreshing and heartwarming representation of diversity during the holiday season. It is a powerful testament to the universal joy and magic that Santa Claus embodies, transcending racial boundaries and reminding us that the spirit of Christmas knows no limitations.

However, some individuals have responded negatively to this change, expressing unwarranted prejudices and demanding a white Santa alternative. Many parents claim that their children have a specific vision of Santa being white and would not respond well to a Santa of another race.

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Should Disney Disclose the Race of Santa?

It is understandable that every parent wants to keep the magic of Christmas alive for their child, and many children do have a specific vision in mind when it comes to their Santa Claus. Some companies, like Macy’s, have implemented a rotating schedule so families can know when they want to see the Santa of their desired race.

Walt Disney World Resort has always been dedicated to creating magical experiences for guests of all backgrounds. The inclusion of a Black Santa is a testament to their ongoing efforts to ensure that every visitor feels represented and seen. However, the inclusion of this Santa has evidently resulted in lots of controversy online and in person.

Another comment states,

“The Santa we met at Epcot last year was black. When our daughter saw him come out our daughter suddenly got really uncomfortable and didn’t want to see him unless we sat for the picture with them. She hardly spoke to him at all during our time with him…”

This commenter followed up to clarify,

“… I was so embarrassed because somehow despite my best efforts I was apparently raising a racist but when I asked her afterward why she was so nervous she said “Because that was the first time I’ve met the *real* Santa! I asked how she knew this was the real one and she reminded me of this book that we have in which Santa is black and his husband sometimes sits in for him meeting kids while the real Santa is working.”

It is crucial to remember that the spirit of Christmas is based on kindness, compassion, and love for one another. Santa Claus is a symbol of joy and goodwill, transcending any racial or ethnic boundaries. His presence at Walt Disney World, whether he be Black or white, is a reminder that the magic of the holiday season is meant to bring people together, regardless of their differences.

As we immerse ourselves in the joyous atmosphere of Walt Disney World Resort during the holiday season, let us embrace the inclusive nature of the park and appreciate the diverse range of experiences it offers. Together, we can celebrate the enchantment of Christmas, spreading love and acceptance in the spirit of the season.

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