Review Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Review Yorkshire County Fish Shop


Epcot’s World Showcase is famous for its portrayal of the world’s greatest nations and the vastly different array of exotic foods and entertainment provided there. While some countries may take you to foreign, and nearly caricatured, destinations, sometimes it’s the ones with which you are most familiar that truly feel real. Such is the case in the United Kingdom Pavilion, which depicts some of the UK’s most memorable comforts: shops, gardens, pubs, and fish and chips.

Of these comforts, Yorkshire County Fish Shop is arguably one of the most flavorful. Snug in the corner of the pavilion, just behind the Rose & Crown Pub, this little quick service counter offers all the tastes of London and beyond, cradled in a mock-newspaper. While the shops and building down the lane offer a beautiful glimpse at English architecture, and red phone booths and country-style gardens wrap you in English charm, it’s the fish and chips that truly set the senses alight and bring all the magic together.

Though the shop itself is much smaller than many other quick service stops around the World Showcase, what makes the atmosphere at Yorkshire County Fish Shop so great is the pavilion as a whole, which acts as a scenic backdrop to the otherwise simple nature of the place. Nearby you’ll find a waterfront seating area, where you can rest, eat and watch as the ducks and rabbits wander to and fro. Across the path, some of England’s most memorable Disney characters make appearances, and next door, you’re guaranteed an authentic pint of ale, just like you’d find in the pubs throughout the UK.


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But approaching from France, and having come a long way to get them, we wanted none other than Yorkshire County Fish Shop’s fish and chips basket. This reviewer is seasoned in the way of fish and chips, and these certainly held their own against the greats. Flakey meat and crispy breading with just a dab of tartar sauce and a splash of malt vinegar, we could have closed our eyes and been across the great pond for all we knew. And the thick cut French fries, or “chips” as they are called in the UK, were brilliantly done, with premium ingredients to boot.

While there is little in the way of menu options, why WOULDN’T you want a basket of fish and chips? You’re at Disney World. You’ve been dieting for weeks in preparation. Now, go and enjoy the pleasantly-greasy dish you’ve been craving for so long. And don’t forget the condiments!

Though HP sauce was absent from the condiment cart, the malt vinegar helped pop the flavor of the potatoes, and the tartar kicked up the fish even higher than it already was. Sure, you can have ketchup, but remember, “When in Rome…”

Don’t overlook the drink options either! There are a few different beers imported from the United Kingdom and the lines will most likely be shorter than at the pub next door, so why wait? Try an English Bay Sugar Cookie, while you’re at it! The prices are low compared to some other quick service stops, and you likely won’t find a better fish dish unless you sit down at a full service restaurant.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop makes dining quick, simple, and delicious, be it for lunch or dinner. Don’t miss this little beauty as you wander on into/out of the United Kingdom

Food: With only a few things on the menu, it’s easy to decide what to eat. Get the Fish and Chips! They are a fantastic attempt at traditional Londoner’s Fish and Chips, and really hit the spot after a long walk around Epcot. You’ll also find English Bay Sugar Cookies and popular United Kingdom beers.

Atmosphere: Though the cast members behind the counter were outfitted in the attire of a late 1800’s fish shop owner, there really wasn’t much in the way of atmosphere at the 2-lane quick service counter. However, the surrounding area, the United Kingdom pavilion as a whole, really does set guests in a nice representation of all things English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.

Service: Easy to get in and get on your way. The cast members are friendly and had the appropriate accents and mannerisms expected from the United Kingdom. Pleasant and swift in all respects.

Tips: Because there isn’t much in the way of atmosphere and this quick service shop actually consists of a counter, there is plenty of reason to explore the United Kingdom. Mary Poppins and Alice tend to show up just across the path, and in winter, a traditionally outfitted Saint Nicholas takes up shop in the gardens behind the main shopping stretch.


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