Review: Yak and Yeti Counter Service

Review Yak and Yeti Counter Service

Yak and Yeti, two things to keep your eyes peeled for if you ever do an Everest expedition, but at Animal Kingdom, it means two complete different things: Good food and better beer.

The Asia region of Animal Kingdom is teeming with the wild and unknown. From street performers to lazily swinging Gibbons, there is no doubt you’ll feel like you’re on the outskirts of Kathmandu, stocking up on grub before making the trek of your life, Expedition Everest.

As we approached from the African continents, we heard the call of birds from Flights of Wonder and the moans of satisfaction as people strolled by with soft served ice cream. We knew Anandapur Ice Cream Truck was nearby. But we had our hearts set on another quick service counter, and that was Yak and Yeti.

Unlike the full service restaurant, Yak and Yeti counter service allows Disney-goers to eat top-notch Pan-Asian fare while on the go. And let’s face it, when you’re at Disney, you’re always on the go. With multiple cashiers to guide our journey, it was Derek who told us just what we would need for the ideal Yak and Yeti experience: One take-away box of Beef Lo Mein, one Pork Egg Roll, and one Safari Amber, chilled and frothy.

We gathered our food from the counter decorated with pots, pans, and other supplies typically found in trekking lodges, which reminded me Everest Expedition was just around the river bend. We would have to eat on the go.

Around the corner, we found market-style wagons fashioned into condiment carts, so we stocked up on duck sauce and made our way toward Everest.

As we walked, we were immediately wrapped up in the food. Nice juicy pieces of beef and green onion were tucked neatly into saucy noodles, and this reviewer nearly felt bad undoing the beautiful picture. But it was the flavor that sent us over the top. These were not your everyday noodles thrown in a box at a Chinese take-out restaurant. They were heavenly strands of Asian eccentricity, exploding with flavor. Though there was a little more oil and sauce than is to be expected from traditional lo mein, it was certainly nothing to complain about, and we finished every last scrap of noodle in minutes.

Although beer is hard to come by in the parks, and good beer is nearly impossible to find, the Safari Amber did not disappoint. It had a nice caramel flavor that seemed to fit surprisingly well with the noodles at hand. And the Pork Egg Roll? Add a little duck sauce and you have a perfect culmination of Asian flavors wrapped in a deliciously deep fried shell.

Not only was this meal delicious, it was quick to get and could easily be eaten while we walked. If you don’t have time to sit down for the full service, the quick service counter at Yak and Yeti was a fantastic second choice. Entrees were priced at around $10, while sides were somewhere around $4 each and a Safari Amber was $6. While this may be a little bit more expensive than some other quick service restaurants, you get what you pay for and the food here is well worth the price. Some other dishes to try include the Honey Chicken and the Sweet and Sour Chicken, and for a healthier option, try the Mandarin Chicken Salad. There are even Kids’ Picks for little ones who haven’t grown into their taste buds.

All in all, the Yak and Yeti quick service counter offers one of the best quick meals in Animal Kingdom, and the fact that it sits so close to Everest Expedition makes killing time with a Fast Pass much easier.

Food: Yak and Yeti offers some Asian-American favorites that were a big step up from your everyday takeout. With chopsticks and take-away boxes, you’re sure to find an easy (and delicious) snack to walk with.

Atmosphere: There are plenty of things to enjoy in the surrounding area while you eat. Between the Gibbons, the Indian dancers, and the Asian street décor, it’s easy to forget you are in Disney World rather than a backstreet of Kathmandu.

Service: Quick and Accommodating. With multiple cashiers and servers behind the counter, we were in and out in no time at all. Our cashier Derek was happy to make recommendations, and they did not go unheard.

Tips: Don’t sit down! It’s not that the seating area isn’t entertaining, but this is Animal Kingdom. If you’re not already on your way to Expedition Everest, stroll down those Kathmandu streets and head to Maharajah Jungle Trek for exotic birds, foxes with wings, and Bengal’s fiercest, the tigers.

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