Review Writer’s Stop

Review Writer’s Stop

Hollywood Studios: The one park that gives Disney-lovers a behind-the-scenes look at the magic that brings movies to life. From the Studio Backlot Tour to the Great Movie Ride, it is the perfect outlet for movie fanatics of all ages to catch a glimpse of just what it takes to take a script and turn it into a memorable classic. And one of the best places to celebrate this transformation is the Writer’s Stop.

Tucked away at the junction of Tattooine, Commissary Lane and the Streets of America backdrops, the Writer’s Stop is a quaint little corner of the park that provides a quick and convenient stop for shopping, eating, and refueling. With plenty of Disney retail for sale, including novels written in the realms of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the shop provides more than some other quick service counters around the park. From time to time, you may find commercials of ABC shows or even some old Disney cartoons playing at a TV near the wall, illustrating some of the greatest TV in every age. While the atmosphere wasn’t what this reviewer was expecting, that doesn’t mean it was bad.

As we entered from our long walk down the mock New York City street, we were surprised by the amount of Mickey knick knacks for sale. We were expecting more of a Starbucks feel, with comfy chairs and people plunking away at computers. But it seemed more like a shop than a café, and the ceilings and walls were accentuated with punch cards, stage lights, and other memorabilia that certainly made you feel like you were a scriptwriter behind the scenes of the next television show. Still, the real attraction and the center point of this little corner store was the glass case stuffed with baked goods.

Dozens of pastries, cookies, and other various combinations of baked goods and sugar lined the glass case that made up the café portion of the Writer’s Stop. We were surprised to find the shop offered up to 23 different freshly baked goods at a time, so overwhelming would be an understatement. Brilliantly shining through at us, we were flabbergasted with the number of different treats they had to offer just that day, and we had to leave it to the cast member behind the counter to pick what would be best. In the end, it was the good old Chocolate Danish and the interestingly sticky and tantalizingly fragrant Carrot Cake Cookie.

The danish was certainly Disney-classic in all respects. It was flakey, yes. It was gooey, sure. But it was also stuffed with a thick chocolate deliciousness that can’t be beat. And that is the mark of a true Disney dessert. Now, the Carrot Cake Cookie on the other hand was like nothing we had ever seen or tasted. Imagine two slices of carrot cake baked into pancakes, and then sandwich a thick layer of cream cheese frosting between them. Just thinking about it gets the taste buds tingling! This pastry was so soft, so melt-in-your-mouth good, this reviewer would have ordered five more to take home if possible. It is very easy to understand why it is a top seller, and it would be and was highly recommended to anyone and everyone who stepped into the Writer’s Stop.

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On top of the beautiful case of yummies, you can also order various café-style coffees. From Iced Mochaccinos to Double Espressos, it’s all there, and it’s all classic in taste. You won’t find Starbucks flavor blasters here, just good old fashioned caffeinated beverages.

In the end, the Writer’s Stop was a very pleasant surprise. Despite the lack of seating, there is plenty to get excited about in the way of tasty treats, and some of the retail here is unique to the Writer’s Stop. Don’t pass up an opportunity to stop in and enjoy a cookie and a coffee like the great writers of our day.

Food: You really can’t go wrong with the dozens of pastries available here. They are freshly baked every day. They are stuffed, cream-filled, fluffed, and flattened to perfection. They are Disney desserts and there is no way you can stop yourself from devouring one once you’ve bitten into it.

Atmosphere: Small and packed with a variety of different retail goods vaguely related to writers. In addition to the quaint coffee bar, there were Disney cooking supplies, novels, and other similar wares. It is also fancifully decorated with stage lights and knick knacks you might find around a set to give the vibe you are still in Hollywood.

Service: Pleasant, friendly, and helpful in every way. The cast member behind the counter was quick to make suggestions, which lead to the most wonderful pastry this side of Hollywood Studios.

Tips: Grab your baked goods and espresso, and get back out onto set! The Writer’s Stop is fairly small, very much a hole in the wall, so don’t waste your time standing around. This shop is designed to provide some refreshment and retail opportunity on your way to and from Commissary Lane and the Streets of America. Pastries are perfect for on the go snacking.

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