Review Tangierine Café

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Review Tangierine Café

The Morocco Pavilion at Epcot is one of the pavilions that look small when you pass by the first time around the World Showcase, but prove to have much more to offer than you once thought, much like France and Canada. You’ll first recognize the seemingly Middle Eastern or Indian influences, but then you’ll find that Mediterranean flavor you were looking for. And you’ll find it at Tangierine Café.

The moment we took the time to explore the Morocco Pavilion was the moment we fell in love with it. The maze of shops and alleyways make you feel like you’ve left Epcot and flown to Africa. If it weren’t for the Hidden Mickeys, we would have forgotten we were at Disney all together!

One aspect that we were particularly fond of happened to be this Tangierine Café. It wasn’t located in the mess of shops on the inside, but skillfully placed near the main square, overlooking the belly dancing stage and a decorative tiled fountain. With a towering steeple and mock-clay walls, it seemed to be the perfect rendering of a Moroccan restaurant. Although the inside lacked the same grandeur the outside patios offered, it was still pleasantly light with hanging stained glass lamps and other similar décor, adding a bit of flavor to the otherwise plain cafeteria-style hall.

In spite of the décor, the food dazzled us. The rotating spits behind the counter, wrapped in lamb and chicken, made our mouths water with every turn, and by the time we got to the end of the assembly line of glass showcases, we hardly cared what the place looked like, as long as we could fulfill our wishes of devouring the juicy lamb wrap on our tray. With a quick request for extra tzatziki and a few extra napkins, we were on our way out to the patio with drool already dripping onto our plates.

In the square, an exotically dressed man was telling stories of ancient traditions and the local religions of the region. He was having children rub their hands together to make wishes and teaching them dance moves common in Moroccan culture.

But our focus was on the thick, juicy slices of lamb, wrapped in a soft pita with lettuce, onion, tomato and tzatziki. It’s all about the tzatziki, ladies and gentlemen. The couscous? Like none I’ve had before it, with savory herbs in every bite. The lentils? Well, this reviewer is no fan of them, but if you’ve never tried them, give THESE lentils a go.

The Moroccan Wine was the only thing that didn’t “wow” us. We had ordered it thinking it might be something exotic and new. But it was just red wine MADE in Morocco. To be precise, it seemed more like a gimmick than anything truly unique.

All in all, we were impressed and surprised by the dishes Tangierine Café had to offer. Delicious wraps, shwarma platters right off the spit, and a whole bakery of fresh pastries to try were just a few of the things that made eating at this restaurant a pleasant experience. But it is also a quick service joint, so the service is fast, simple, and friendly! Enjoy!

Food: With Shwarma spits, tubs of tzatziki, and a wide spread of Mediterranean/North African cuisine, there was nothing on the menu we wouldn’t have ordered if we had enough room in our stomachs. While many of the dishes are not vegetarian friendly, Tangierine Café has made a point to add a Veggie only platter for all those couscous lovers out there.

Atmosphere: Seemingly authentic in design, Tangierine Café offered little in the way of indoor décor, but the outside patio and main square have lots to look at and enjoy. For that reason, the Tangierine Café seems to have a better atmosphere than some other quick service stops around Epcot.

Service: Accommodating and hasty. The assembly line of cooks knew what they were doing and was able to provide for any request, including our request for more tzatziki sauce.

Tips: Whether it be belly dancers, storytelling, or a special appearance by Aladdin and Jasmine, there is plenty going on in Morocco. Don’t cramp yourself with the indoor seating. Enjoy the Florida air and Moroccan entertainment.

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