Review: Studio Catering Company

Review: Studio Catering Company

Hollywood Studios, the Disney World Park formerly known as MGM, is known for its ability to wrap up guests in the world of film and animation. Taking movie fans behind the scenes of some the industry’s greatest achievements, there is no end to the magic you’ll find hidden amongst the sets and backdrops of movies like Star Wars, Toy Story, and Indiana Jones. And while the cast members get to work bringing that magic to life on the screen, you get to enjoy the catering!

Studio Catering Company is a quick service joint designed to celebrate the men and women who keep the bellies of actors, directors, and set crews alike full and ready to make movies. While you may not actually be on a set, here, you can take a break from strolling and enjoy foods inspired by those you might find at the catering table of Steven Spielberg’s or George Lucas’ latest movie. At the junction of all your favorite Hollywood Studio attractions, Studio Catering Company is the perfect place to “take five” and unwind.

We came down the Streets of America from Tattooine, and our tummies were grumbling despite having just flown and flipped through a galaxy far far away. Ahead of us, the Lights! Camera! Action! show roared and squealed, but we needed food before that sort of excitement. So, we dipped into one of the building fronts, which opened up to Studio Catering Co., a haven away from the Florida sun and a vast seating area that looked like heaven in comparison to some of the more cramped facilities at other locations.

Quickly stepping up to the cashier, we ordered what word of mouth had told us would be the best option, a Pressed Turkey Club. While it may not look the way it did in the picture, the flavor was ALL there. The multigrain ciabatta bread lit the stage as the turkey and applewood-smoked bacon set the flavor into motion. The arugula and roasted red peppers rolled in with the Swiss cheese and made watering mouths of anyone who passed us by. With a side of fries, this was a surprisingly refreshing turn in Disney quick service dining, and though the menu wasn’t expansive, there were plenty of options this reviewer would have liked to try.

But apart from the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and the Toasted Tuscan Deli, there was also a drink station around the corner. And they were not the soda pop and juice drinks you’d expect. Let’s just say if you are having a long day with your little rascals, Studio Catering Company is there to help you unwind. The alcohol doesn’t come cheap, and you may end up paying the same for a drink as you would for a sandwich, but sometimes, it’s worth it.

You really can’t go wrong with Studio Catering Co. It’s delicious subs and sandwiches along with the shaded, yet open seating area make it a great place to relax and recoup before heading back out onto the backlots. The prices were suitable, if not low, for the quality of food served, and there are options for everyone. You’ll definitely want to make this a stop on your walk around the studios.

Food: Specializing in subs and sandwiches, this is perfect place to enjoy a simple and tasty lunch. The pressed sandwiches are deli style and there is even a variety of alcoholic drink options around the corner from the main line.

Atmosphere: Very spacious with lots of seating. It’s a great place to gather your cast of characters before heading to the next set. Not only is it open and airy with attractions in all directions, but it’s shaded from the hot Florida sun. A big plus.

Service: Because this quick service station is so wide, the lines are short and the service is quick. It’s comparable to a ride that you “walk right on.” Perfect for on the go or anyone who just needs to eat.

Tips: The great thing about Studio Catering Co. is that it’s at the junction of so many different areas. While the seating area is great for those who need a rest, the Studio Backlot Tour, Toy Story Mania, and The Lights! Camera! Action! Shows are all just around the corner. If you haven’t given Toy Story mania! a go, grab your food and go get in line! It’s worth the wait.

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