Review Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Review Splitsville Luxury Lanes

As Downtown Disney grows, expands, and changes, bigger and better restaurants and attractions are taking up shop. One of the newest of these is Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Taking up one of the biggest and busiest intersections of Downtown Disney’s West Side, Splitsville combines killer entertainment with phenomenal food and drinks for an experience that will blow away your whole family (before 10 pm that is). At 10 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the real fun starts as the bumper bowling strikes out and the 21 and up policy comes into play on the second floor only. But no matter what age you are, there is something for you at Splitsville. From the food to the entertainment to the shopping, it’s chockfull of things to do and explore.

Our journey began in the atrium where we were greeted by a hostess shuffling guests into two lines, one for diners only and one for bowling diners. While we wanted to bowl, there was a rather long list of patrons waiting ahead of us and the aroma of the food was making us hungrier and hungrier, so we opted out and hopped in line with the diners. A good idea to forgo this problem is to put your name in about an hour before you want to bowl and/or eat, then walk and shop around Downtown Disney’s West Side until it’s time to party. If you want the full experience, you’ve got to bowl while you eat!

Making our way up the stairs to a table by a fully-equipped bar, we were astounded by just how many different lanes and seating areas there were. It seemed like an unending playhouse of bowling lanes, billiards and bars all outfitted in dazzling colors and old-fashioned designs. It certainly gave reason to the Splitsville motto: Dine. Dance. Drink. Bowl.

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Our server came with a smile and told us everything we needed to know about food and drinks, specials and favorites. The gist of the drink menu was fish bowl-sized drinks, chalice-sized beers, and enough frozen mixers to give you brain freeze for a week. But the food menu? Well, that would keep you reading for a week. With a list of appetizers, savory sushi, full-sized pizzas, thick sandwiches, mouth-watering burgers, and entrees to top it all off, you’ll forget you even came to bowl!

Leaving our choices up to our server, we ended up with a Three Pepper Calamari as our appetizer and The Mad King burger as our entrée. Needless to say, we were blown away one course at a time.

The Three Pepper Calamari was like nothing we’d had before, spicy and saucy, yet crispy and succulent. It came sautéed with cherry, jalapeno, and banana peppers, and we found ourselves diving into the fire without a second thought. We were like moths drawn to the flame! After several glasses of water, we were regretting not ordering a fish bowl drink, but a flaming mouth and drunken stupor probably wouldn’t have gone well together anyway.

Next, the behemoth of a burger came bounding toward our table. It was stacked high with all of its 16 ounces standing proudly with a steak knife through the center. All three decks glistened in front of us and double cheese, bacon and crispy onion rings augmented the beauty of what was sure to be the most wonderful thing on the menu. With all of this ready to be devoured, we removed the knife from the burger and indulged. Not only was it everything you’d hope for and expect, but there was something special about the burger that just made it even better, and that was the Splitsville Special Mix. These weren’t just ground beef thrown into a press and grilled. They were a succulent mix of black angus brisket, short rib, and ground beef, weaved together into patties meant to tantalize even the most experienced palate.

For the quality of our meal, the price we paid seemed like nothing, and we had enough food to take home some for later. Compared to some other locations along Downtown Disney, you’ll certainly get a bang for your buck at Splitsville. And if you think adding bowling to the mix will change that, think again. Before 5 pm, it’s only $15 per person to bowl. Plan accordingly and you and your family can have a killer evening of food and fun for an even better price.

Don’t think twice about Splitsville. Like the motto says, “Dine. Dance. Drink. Bowl.” What more could you want from a night in Downtown Disney’s West Side?

Food: With everything from fresh sushi rolls to The Mad King burger, you’ll no doubt find yourself struck with an inner turmoil that will have your taste buds jumping every which way. Do your best to sample a little bit of everything while you’re there, or else plan a follow up visit!

Atmosphere: Classic rock music, the sounds of bowling and billiards, the smell of delicious food, and taste of drinks made just for you: what more could you want from a restaurant? It’s the hippest place to be in Downtown Disney’s West Side and you’ll get lost in the fun for sure.

Service: Happy and helpful! Not only do the servers know the ins and outs of the huge menu, they have superior intellect when it comes to making a decision. And the fact that they come to your bowling lane to serve you is a big plus. They are even happy to honor cast member discounts before 5pm.

Tips: Get the full experience and bowl while you dine. Don’t come alone either. There is so much on the menu that you will all want to get something different, so share!

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