Review Sommerfest in Epcot

Review Sommerfest in Epcot

Epcot’s World Showcase is the ultimate travel experience wrapped into one day’s worth of fun. From Morocco to Mexico, it provides Disney-goers with an all-inclusive passport to the world’s greatest nations and most intriguing cultures. While it is impossible to pick one over any of the others, there are a few pavilions around the showcase that provide a little something more, a special something that surprises even the most experienced guests. Germany is one of those pavilions.


This reviewer frequents Epcot and has been to and explored every pavilion in the park, and yet some little tidbits and secret nooks still offer surprises. Most recently, Germany offered this highly enjoyable surprise, revealing new entertainment as well as the delicious quick service counter of Sommerfest, which was tucked away in the back alcoves.

Making our way into the courtyard which makes up most of the Germany pavilion, we were interested to see the clock tower chiming away and some stationary characters rolling along a track. It was a Disney-style Glockenspiel, seemingly a new addition to the pavilion, which had guests stopping in their tracks and gawking up at it. But while this had our attention for the moment, the real reason we were there was to find a little quick service restaurant that had alluded us on prior visits.

It turns out that Sommerfest is in the same alcove as the Biergarten entrance. It is  and the signage is not very good, but if you walk into the cubby of a building near the back of the pavilion and turn about, you’ll see a quick service station that you might not have seen before. This is Sommerfest! And it’s the ideal place to get real Germany food without spending a fortune.


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As we strolled up to the counter, a young man with a German accent greeted us and asked how he could help us. Having decided to enlist 3 areas of dining, we ordered the Frankfurter, a piece of German cheesecake, and a shot of Berentzen Apfelkorn Apple Schnapps.

We opted to sit out in the courtyard by the fountain so we could watch for the Glockenspiel to go off again, but our attention quickly turned to our food as we dressed our Frankfurter in spicy mustard and sauerkraut. It was amazingly flavorful, and while the sausage itself was comparable to a hotdog, the thick roll along with the mustard and sauerkraut brought out all of the delicious tastes you expect when biting into a Germany sausage. The schnapps was next, and it went down smooth and sweet, with a tiny kick that was just right for a pre-dessert drink. But the cheesecake was the real deal that sent us to heaven and back. It was a rectangular piece of cake with actual cake on both the top and bottom and a thick layer of sweet cheesecake in the middle. The top was covered with confectionary sugar and looked like fresh, powdered snow. And not even the School Bread of Norway could beat out the dazzling sweetness of it.

Needless to say, the Sommerfest quick service restaurant is a fantastic alternative to Biergarten and provides authentic German cuisine at a very reasonable price. Whether you are stopping for snacks or indulging in a meal, Sommerfest is the place to be in the German pavilion. It just goes to show you that almost every World Showcase pavilion has a well-kept secret.

Food: There are three realms of flavors at Sommerfest: Sausage, Shots, and Dessert. You won’t be disappointed with any of them. From the Frankfurter to the Jagermeister to the German Cheesecake, everything is seemingly authentic in preparation and execution. When visiting, make sure you cover all three styles of tastes in your order and get the most out of your trip to Germany.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Sommerfest comes from the German courtyard, which makes up the majority of the pavilion. With dancing clock towers that put on a show every 15 minutes, Sommerfest allows guests to surround themselves with authentic architecture on all sides.

Service: Ensuring quick and reliable services, the cast members at Sommerfest are not only able to use real life experience to make sound recommendations, but they do so with a smile and pleasant tidings. Don’t underestimate German hospitality.

Tips: While there are a few tables in the alcove in which Sommerfest is located, take your food out into the courtyard and sit near the fountain for the full German experience. Don’t forget to do some shopping while you’re there too!

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