Review: Pizzafari Restaurant Animal Kingdom

Review: Pizzafari Restaurant Animal Kingdom

We arrived at Pizzafari starving, so we were thrilled it was counter-service and we could get our food fast.  The inside is fun and colorful with tons of space.  Every room had different paintings on the wall, which made us want to walk around and check them all out.

We arrived right around noon and the cashiers were very efficient, avoiding a line buildup.  The cashier who took our order wasn’t the liveliest of individuals, but she was quick and efficient.  Our food was out within two minutes.

I ordered the Cheese Pizza and Eppa Organic Sangria.  My husband ordered the Pepperoni Pizza.  We split the Cheesecake in a Glass.

I have to start with the Sangria because it was just that good.  The portion was good and it tasted authentic.  It was strong enough and didn’t taste weak or watered down.  It being organic was a huge plus for me.

The pizza looked great.  When I get pizza in an amusement park, I usually expect it to taste like it came right out of the freezer, but that was not the case.  It didn’t have the “you must pump out 5,000 of these a day” mass-produced taste.  If you like pizza crust, you are in luck.  If you are not a big fan of crust, you may not be crazy about this pizza as there was a pretty thick crust around the outside.

My husband and I love good pizza sauce and this particular sauce met our standards.  If you like a little kick and extra flavor to your pizza, don’t forget to grab some crushed red pepper from the condiment bar.  We didn’t read the fine print next to the pizza so it was a really nice surprise to find it came with a Caesar Salad.  The main meal met our expectations, but I wouldn’t say they exceeded them.

The Cheesecake in the Glass had a very disappointing presentation.  Okay, we almost considered not eating it.  We scraped off the odd jelly layer on top.  It ended up having a good taste to it, but the wrong consistency.  It lacked the thickness you expect with cheesecake, more resembling custard.  The crust was really great.  The whole thing was not what we would have expected but still tasty.  We may or may not have eaten the whole thing (and scrapped the bottom clean).

I ended up not finishing the Sangria by the time we had to leave to make it to Kilimanjaro Safaris (we had five more minutes to use our fast pass).  I sipped the Sangria on our way to Africa.  It was more refreshing than I would have imagined in the hot sun.  They have paper straws in the Animal Kingdom.  I appreciate the eco-friendliness, but the straw was just about falling apart by the time we got to the ride.

All in all it was a good, quick lunch that satisfied the vegetarian and the carnivore in the family.

F.A.S.T. Review

Food: The name says it all, pizza.  It was well done for counter-service food. There is also a sandwich, chicken Caesar salad, and pasta salad option.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere was fun and vibrant, with fish, birds, and snakes painted on the walls.  There were colorful bats hanging from the ceiling.  There was a lot of space, divided into different rooms. Perfect atmosphere for kids.

Service: The cast members were fast, but not as friendly as I’m used to in Disney.

Tips: If you are looking for a quiet meal, this would probably not be the place.


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