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Main Street Bakery Review- Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA is the epicenter of Magic Kingdom’s, well, magic. It not only takes you down memory lane, into the time when Walt himself was walking the streets, but it is the gateway to Cinderella’s Castle and the iconic first sight for everyone who visits Magic Kingdom. Part of what makes this sight so vintage and unique is the Main Street Bakery, offering style and hospitality much like you would find back in the earlier years of Disney’s creation.  Walt Disney’s goal was to capture the picturesque quaintness of “simpler times,” and he’s done just that, while providing a realistic option for snacks, sandwiches and other baked goods.

As we skipped through the front gate of the park, we could hear a parade off in the distance. It was the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, and we had made it just in time! We slid through the crowd and danced our way up the side walk to our first stop, Main Street Bakery. Cinderella’s Castle was greeting us from a distance, and as the music continued to trumpet away and characters threw their jazz hands up into the air, we took our place in line and watched from the window.

The nature of the bakery was simple. It was decorated with old fashioned flair, but outfitted with all the amenities necessary for a 2012 audience. We followed the gold railing around the plaza, doing our best to peak over peoples’ heads to get a glimpse of the food. But the smell was nearly enough. Unlike a traditional country bakery, the smell was sweet and satisfying, no burning or the smell of yeast. This was Disney World, which meant nothing but perfection.

As we reached the counter, we inquired about the sandwiches on display and were pleased to hear they were freshly made every 5 or 10 minutes. A sandwich stacked with turkey, cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato was the first thing we put on our tray. There were so many delicious baked goods, glazed and powdered, that we had to inquire again as to what they recommended for dessert. When the stripe and bonnet-clad woman gestured down to the end of the line, our mouths immediately became watering fountains.  Gobs of warm cinnamon maple icing cascaded down a soft, flaky bun, and this reviewer knew nothing else would satisfy us. The woman put it on a plate and scooped up some extra icing to drizzle on top. It looked like heaven on a plate.

We picked up a chocolate crescent and some coffee to take with us for later, and paid the lady at the cash register, who looked longingly down at our cinnamon bun. We could see the envy in her eyes.

With our first bites, it was clear that everything would live up to our expectations. From the fresh breads and ripe veggies of the sandwich to the sweet, sticky glaze, dripping off each flaking bite of the cinnamon bun, a bakery has never offered such delicious sweets as Main Street Bakery. Even the chocolate crescent, subpar compared to the warm cinnamon bun, was something to behold, with puffs of powdered sugar and thick chocolate fillings. And the coffee held its own against the expected flavors of Starbucks and helped keep our energy up throughout the rest of the day.

The Main Street Bakery, though a vintage façade for a Magic Kingdom quick service stop, truly offered all the comforts and flavors of an old-time bakery, and at a price that left us with enough money for dinner. Grab a snack and enjoy the parade as it marches by, but do not miss out on the freshly baked tastes of the Main Street Bakery.

Food: At Main Street Bakery, “bakery” is more than just a name. It’s the fluffy, flaky pastries that taste homemade, just like your mama used to make. We were even reassured the sandwiches on display had only been out for about 2 minutes, promising freshness in every bite. A much healthier option than the hot dogs and fries across Main Street.

Atmosphere: The essence of an old-fashioned, country-style bakery, just like one you’d expect on Main Street USA. It offered quaint and classic furnishings with hospitality to match .

Service: Pleasantly dressed in stripes and aprons, the folks behind the counter were more than happy to make recommendations, fulfill special orders, and serve up smiles. Though the quickness of this quick service establishment was lacking, it was the popularity of the bakery that slowed us, not the servers themselves.

Tips: Wait until parade time and have your snack while one of the parades comes marching through. The WISHES Nighttime Spectacular is also something to behold, and you’ll have a perfect view of the spectacle from just outside the Main Street Bakery.

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