Review Boulangerie Patisserie

Review Boulangerie Patisserie

Strains of Le Vie en Rose wafting through the air, the fragrant floral scent of expensive perfumes, the sound of fountain waters creating a prism of colors, the Eiffel Tower bidding “Bon Jour”.

Crossing the bridge into Epcot’s France is a gift to the senses. The romantic ambiance of the cobblestoned walkways and picturesque shops give rise to all that is uniquely French. Strolling into the popular pavilion, one can observe contented guests savoring wine inside the culinary splendor of Chefs de France, sidewalk artists sketching the incredible likeness of their subjects and, on this holiday evening, Pere Noel (Father Christmas) relaying legends of a traditional French Christmas.

And amidst all this European grandeur, what could be more quintessentially French than pastry? Boulangerie Patissierie offers the finest in delectable if not sinful confections.

Yes, there is usually a rather lengthy line, but it moves quickly and should not deter anyone from the wonderfully tantalizing pastries inside. You will not regret the wait once you are savoring the cream chocolate or meringue of the scrumptious offerings you will find here in abundance.

Upon entering the enchanting bakery, one is greeted with not only the mouth-watering aromas of freshly baked items but with scenes of provincial French kitchens and baking. And then there are those cases – oh those beautiful cases! Yards of glass housing a yummy array of delicately delicious cakes and croissants. Probably one of the most difficult decisions of the day was not which attraction to visit first nor which show to see nor what souvenir to buy Aunt Gladys but which incredibly tempting pastry to devour. From flaky apple tarts to chocolate croissants oozing with their dark sugary filling to cream puffs bursting in fluff, the choice is varied and welcome if not momentarily mind-boggling. The sugar glazes and fruit toppings are enough to make you think you landed in paradise.


Not wanting to hold up the line and wanting to satisfy our sugar craving as soon as possible, we were forced to stop our dessert indecision and close our eyes, pointing to the Napoleon, lemon tart and crème brulee. Sometimes the job of a reviewer can be grueling!

We searched for a table which is usually difficult to secure as the bakery is almost always packed. And on this night, we discovered the indoor seating area (inside the adjacent gift shop) had been walled off. Yes, Disney had added a few extra metal tables to the outside area but not an ample amount to handle the crowd. No matter. We had our sweet treasures firmly in our grasp, and not much else seemed to matter. A little thing like a table wasn’t going to mar our joyous pastry anticipation.

Opening our bakery box, our eyes danced as we gazed upon our beloved desserts. I had to fight off the urge to engage my dining companion in a fork duel for dominance over the box. The lemon tart was a dream. Tart lemony whipped filling was countered with a sugary fluffy meringue, a lovely balance of sweet and sour. The crust itself was thin and flaky. The crème brulee was heavenly. The rich custard base had a nice hint of vanilla and was contrasted brilliantly with a delicate light layer of hard caramel. Delicious indeed. The Napoleon was nothing short of scrumptious. Layers of crispy puff pastry, light as a feather, lined with a delectable butter cream filling. Absolutely divine. I could find no fault with this trio, only deep appreciation.

The patisserie also offers a cheese plate, ham and cheese croissants and an assortment of quiche. There are soft drinks available and an assortment of hot beverages like cafe au lait and hot chocolate

There is no wonder why Boulangerie Patisserie is a guest favorite. There aren’t many Disney desserts which miss the mark. But the patisserie is tops when it comes to first rate baked good even in a world of sweetness.

C’est magnifique!

FOOD: If there is a dessert here which doesn’t tempt and tantalize, I have yet to find it. Instead of relying on a merely an overabundance of sugar and proclaiming that a dessert, the pastries here are gems because of their mastery of flavors, fillings, textures and mostly execution. Vive la France.

ATMOSPHERE: As charming and enchanted as can be. It may be difficult to appreciate the quaint, provincial French setting because of the crowds, but Boulangerie Patisserie is absolutely alluring.

SERVICE: The cast members are polite and helpful, answering many guest questions about the different baked items. And they are patient. Despite the amount of people filtering in, they seem to strive to not rush anyone along and take their time to ensure they have taken the time to serve each guest properly.

TIPS: Don’t forget they offer more than pastries although that often seems to be the big draw. Sandwich croissants, cheese plates and quiche are also available and look incredibly tasty. You may not always find a table but don’t let that or the line deter you from sampling some amazing confections. You can also get a bakery box and take the items back to your hotel room or stop on any bench along World Showcase lagoon and enjoy your baked treasures.

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