Restautantosaurus Review

Restautantosaurus Review

There is no mistaking Disney’s endearing wit and clever theming at Restaurantosaurus, a quick service stop at Animal Kingdom ‘s DinoLand. From the cute soundtrack spewing such “prehistoric” favorites as “Walk the Dinosaur” and “The End of the World as We Know it” to the seating areas decorated as bunkers for student archaeologists poised for their next dig, there is a lot to unearth here besides your standard Disney fare.

The enormous restaurant has a mammoth seating capacity, which is very welcome as the place can get pretty crowded. You won’t have trouble finding a table as both indoor and outdoor seating is beyond plentiful. There are a myriad of rooms filled with humorous puns and subtle jokes as Restaurantosaurus is themed to be a sort of student dormitory for budding paleontologists who use the place to not only prepare for humongous digs but also as an outlet for their boredom since they apparently are on a dig site in the middle of nowhere and have lots of time to kill. Take time for a laugh and peruse their equipment and finds before or after you “dig” into your meal. Of special interest is the “Hip Joint” a sort of rec room for the students which houses the jukebox and mini basketball court. Check out the jukebox selections (Elvis Presley singing “All Dug Up” and the folk favorite “Puff the Magic Dino”). Two of the best tables in the restaurant are housed in the back section of this area inside the Airstream Trailer.

While the Shrimp Po’ Boy is gone from the menu, the restaurant offers standard (and not highly inventive) selections like most Disney quick service stops featuring Chicken Nuggets, Angus Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches – many things you’ve seen and sampled before. Looking over the choices (and it seemed like we had an eon to do this based on the length of the lines), we opted for the Veggie Sub and Chicken BLT salad (two of the more unique items) and one old standard: the Bacon Cheeseburger. There was a wait to order and then another wait to receive our tray (we occupied ourselves looking at the dino heads mounted on the walls), so we were eager to sample our meals.

The vegetable subosaurus looked a bit measly and disappointing when compared to the photo posted on the menu board. Instead of ample layers of cheese and veggies, the sandwich was more of a veggie mixture encased in a provolone pocket. Although there was a bit too much bun and not enough stuffing, the cheese/vegetable medley was delicious and nicely grilled. The chicken blt salad was chilled, crispy and fresh. A nice, light alternative on a warm afternoon. The burger was as expected: juicy with a nice smokey flavor but nothing better or worse than the burgers which abound in countless Disney quick service locales. The toppings bar was dripping with lots of nice extras.

The wildberry lemonade we ordered was a delightfully fruity, wonderfully refreshing way to quench our thirst. A smart combination of tart and sweet, this beverage was a nice surprise.

To end the meal, we sampled the Chocolate Mousse. While I would venture to say this is pudding and not mousse (it lacks the light, whipped consistency of mousse), it was rich and sweet, especially when drenched in a top layer of dark chocolate sauce.

While the food is good and I find no bones of contention with it, it is the atmosphere that eclipses the meals here along with the many themed touches such as the kids’ meals being served with a plastic sand pail and shovel.

This counter service spot may be buried beneath more popular selections at Animal Kingdom like Flame Tree Barbecue and Pizzafari, but it is definitely worth a visit. Restaurantosaurus? Yeah, I can dig it.

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Food: Standard Disney fare and limited options with a few unique selections and spins (check out the mac n’ cheese hot dog). While the food is good and satisfying, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Atmosphere: May be some of the best theming at a counter service locale. Lots of hidden jokes here and clever theming which shouldn’t be missed. As busy as it can get, it never feels crowded because of the enormous seating capacity and spacious rooms.

Service: Pleasant and helpful but a bit sluggish due to the length of the lines

Tips: The decor is too cute and witty to miss. Take time to explore. It seems like the restaurant can get pretty busy as peak times so an early lunch or mid-afternoon snack may be a better option than a 12 noon dining time.

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