Missing the Magical Express? Disney’s New Transportation Partnership Faces Rocky Start

disney's magical express and new bus transportation
Credit: Disney / @lynxbusorlando on X

The new Florida transportation system leading directly to the Walt Disney World Resort is already failing, according to a local report.

A blue airport shuttle bus labeled "orlando international airport" driving on a road surrounded by lush green trees and a clear blue sky as it heads to Disney World.

Credit: LYNX Bus Service (MCO)

As Inside the Magic reported, the LYNX Bus Service in Orlando (which provides local transportation throughout Orlando, Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake Counties, as well as parts of Polk and Volusia Counties) recently unveiled the new Link 311, a direct service from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Disney Springs, the shopping center at Disney World.

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The official statement from MCO read:

Great news!! Starting April 21, the new Link 311 with @lynxbusorlando will operate between our airport & the Disney Springs Transfer Center, with convenient stops along the way!
🗓️ Every 30 minutes, daily
⌚ 5am-11pm
📍 Level 1, Terminal A, A38-41 spots

Given that transportation from MCO to Disney World can be notoriously difficult, this new line is being promoted as a huge benefit for Disney Guests, traffic congestion, and the Orange County populace. The traffic stress in the area around Disney World has gotten so severe that Governor Ron DeSantis has committed billions of taxpayer dollars to expanding and refurbishing the Interstate 4 Highway that leads to the theme park, while the airport has had to deal with near-constant travel advisories and warnings.

Governor DeSantis smiling broadly with an image of cinderella's castle at walt disney world.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Unfortunately, Click Orlando says that Disney World visitors are not using the new LYNX 311 line at all. While Lynx spokesperson Matt Friendman says the new transportation line is a “great route for anyone wanting to have an express type route from OIA to Disney Springs,” it does not appear to be experiencing the traffic as expected.

The report describes a trip on the LYNX 311, saying:

The 11:40 a.m. bus left on time to the minute. It arrived at its first stop, Destination Parkway, early and it pulled into the Orlando International Airport – the last stop on route 311 – at 12:40 p.m. as scheduled.

The ride was efficient, easy and relatively quick, considering that much of the ride is on Interstate 4 through the congested Disney and Universal Studios area.

But at the three stops in between, the bus picked up a total of only six riders. One was flying out of MCO, one was transferring to another bus at MCO’s Terminal A and the rest work at the airport.

None were tourists.

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Two local citizens disliked the new 311, saying, “It’s so much more difficult…I’m living in a hotel and so I’m spending $20 sometimes to get to work because now I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get to work. It’s a lot for me.”
A fleet of modern Disney World buses parked in a row, with tourists wearing red walking towards the Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom in the distance under a clear blue sky.

Credit: Inside The Magic

To be fair, the new LYNX line leading to Disney Springs has only been open for a few days, and it is entirely possible that the service will pick up as it receives greater awareness among Disney World Guests. But, for right now, it seems very much at risk of immediate failure.
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