PSA: The Disney Parks May be LYING to You!

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The Walt Disney Company is usually known for having a squeaky-clean reputation. In their Parks and movies, Disney promotes wholesome, honest values. That is why it is so shocking for fans to realize that Disney is deceiving Guests every day!

When it comes to enjoying a visit to the happiest place on Earth, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in long lines. Wasting precious time in the Parks by standing and waiting is a huge negative for many fans. The hot summer sun only makes this whole ordeal worse.

Many fans attempt to avoid these long lines by purchasing Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes. However, some Guests think that Disney is not being completely honest with Guests about the reality of waiting in lines.

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The Truth Behind Disney Lines

The introduction of Lightning Lane and Disney Genie Plus in recent years aimed to enhance Guests’ experiences by providing personalized itineraries and optimizing wait times. However, this service does cost an additional fee on top of an already expensive day at the Parks. Many Guests feel obligated to pay the money due to the incredibly high wait times. 

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But what if those wait times weren’t real?!

One fan has spoken out, claiming that Disney’s wait times are incredibly misleading. This user believes that Disney is lying to fans about how long the lines are in an effort to pressure fans to purchase the additional services. The Guest posts this after a visit to Disneyland Resort;

“Wait times are a joke

As of today and the last two days at the resort, both parks, wait times have been totally amiss. All rides are anywhere from 15-30 minutes off. It’s completely obvious that it’s the new Disney business strat to push EVERYONE to buy LL or Genie services if you don’t want to feel at a loss.”

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Fans Weigh in on Heated Debate

This revelation is shocking to a lot of fans. Dozens of Guests weighed in on the debate in the comment section. While some think that this assessment is valid, others think that there is no way Disney would intentionally lie to Guests about this.

As a reminder, wait times are not an exact number, just an estimate. What do you think about this debate?

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