Producer for “The Santa Clauses” Finally Gives an Exciting Update on a 3rd Season

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Fans of The Santa Clauses on Disney+ have been waiting for word on whether the jolly series will be renewed for a third season, especially since Season 2 just wrapped up on the Disney streamer, and it looks like they just got that update.

A producer of Disney’s The Santa Clauses says there’s a “good shot” that the holiday-themed show will get the green light for a third season.

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“The Santa Clauses” Series

The Santa Clauses, starring Santa, played by actor Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn, Austin Kane, Elizabeth Allen Dick, Gabriel Iglesias, and Eric Stonestreet, picks up years after the events of Disney’s The Santa Clause (1994), The Santa Clause 2 (2002), and The Santa Clause 3 (2006) and follows the story of Scott Calvin, who became Santa Claus years ago when the previous Santa fell off his roof.

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“The Santa Clause” (1994)/Credit: Disney

In the series, Santa, aka Scott Calvin, is aging, and so is his magic. Now, he’s tasked with seeking a replacement Santa, and he finds a potential replacement in an interviewee who runs his own goods delivery business in the first season of the series. But the replacement seems more concerned with the power he thinks he’ll have as the new Santa than about bringing joy to the children of the world.

Santa then sees the potential in his own son, Cal, to take on the role of Santa, but even Cal’s not so sure that’s the best idea. Season two of the series sees Santa attempting to train Cal but with little progress. But over time, it’s easy to see that Cal naturally possesses “Santa magic.”

The second season also introduces viewers to Magnus Antas, played by actor Eric Stonestreet, who played the role of Cameron Tucker on ABC’s Modern Family.

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The series has a noteworthy following. Hence, the green light for the second season from Disney. But now fans are eager to know if and when they’ll be able to catch the third season of The Santa Clauses, but to this point, Disney has been mum about the potential for another round of episodes next year.

One of the Producers Says Season 3 is on His Wish List

Though there’s been no official announcement from Disney, the series’s executive producer, Jason Winer, says he thinks Disney is likely to give the go-ahead for a third season.

During an interview with Behind the Lens, Winer shared his thoughts on the likelihood of a third season of The Santa Clauses.

“While [things are] never a certainty,” Winer says he feels that the series has a “good shot” at being picked up again. “The show is a giant hit for Disney+ and Season 3 feels–while it’s never a certainty–it feels like we got a good shot.”

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“The truth is, there are so many cameos,” Winer explained. “We have lots of cameos, obviously, from the legendary figures and even Judy the elf, who’s the elf who hands [Scott Calvin] the cocoa in the original movie. We tracked her down and she makes a secret cameo as the proprietor of Judy’s Hot Cocoa Stand at Centopolis.”

Winer continued:

“So, we literally bend over backwards to connect our series to the original movies and create Easter eggs for the fans,” he explained, “and we have so many cameos though, and so many roles, frankly, that we would love to make, and hopefully we get to do a Season 3, and we can scratch all those itches for the fans.”

“If we’re lucky enough to do a third season,” Winer explained, “we’ll have enough original tracks to really release a proper soundtrack for three seasons combined. You’ll be able to find these tracks out there in the world from this season, but my dream is to put it all together and really put out a soundtrack of these original songs.”

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Maybe Santa Can Help?

There’s still no official word from Disney about whether Season Three of The Santa Clauses will happen, but the production team is hopeful about a continuation of the series, and so are fans. Perhaps if everyone lets Santa know that’s what they want for Christmas, it will happen.

Surely Santa has some pull with Disney, right?

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