Petition online to “un-Wake Disney” accuses company of “feeding the segregation fire”

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A petition to “un-wake Disney” has been started at

Visitors to the webpage for the petition on’s website are invited to “Un-wake Disney! Sign the petition! Stop the Stupidity. Stop the exclusivity.”

The petition was begun by John Schaffer, and according to the site, Schaffer is petitioning two decision-makers involved: Disney CEO Bob Chapek and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, each of whom has been in the headlines of the latest news for his role in, and responses to, Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill, which was signed into law on March 28.

The new law prohibits classroom instruction about gender identity and sexual orientation in Florida schools, but the legislation only applies to Kindergarten through third grade. The law also does not include any wording about not saying the word “gay,” contrary to the name given to the bill by many who oppose it: the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Since Disney CEO Bob Chapek first took a stand against the bill that was signed by Governor DeSantis, many have taken to social media to share their frustrations with Disney, calling The Walt Disney Company “woke” and accusing the company of listening to the demands of a select few.

Many fans and non-fans alike have begun urging others to boycott Disney, so much so that one of Twitter’s most trending hashtags in recent days has been #boycottDisney, and recently, a former Disney animator who created a video parody of the popular “it’s a small world” attraction at Disney World and Disneyland called “it’s a woke world,” and who had chosen to remain anonymous, revealed his name and has become vocal about his distaste for the current state of affairs within the House of Mouse.

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According to Schaffer, who drafted the “un-Wake Disney” petition, there is a “degradation” of Disney taking place because of propaganda. He says Disney is “making a bunch of exclusive groups for everything under the sun but fail to recognize any values outside of what [Disney]wants.”

Schaffer calls it “ridiculous and hypocritical.”

“The left-wing propaganda must end, and the overall degradation of the company needs to come to a stop,” reads the petition at

“The Disney Company constantly preaches about inclusivity,” the petition continues. “The definition of inclusive means including all or everyone. You are doing the complete opposite!”

According to the petition, there should only be one inclusive group, and it should be humans altogether.

“We are all human and instead of bringing everyone together, you are further segregating every race, ethnicity, disability, gender, etc. People come to Disney and watch your movies to escape reality, not [to] be constantly surrounded by it and have progressive and/or any political agendas constantly pushed at them. This includes your parks, resorts, media, news, etc.

Schaffer mentions the many subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company, including Marvel Studios, PIXAR, National Geographic, and others.

“We have all met a lot of nice people through Disney from all different backgrounds, races, genders, gay, lesbian, etc. We all came together because we had one thing in common: we love Disney. I hope you, Disney, are educated enough to see this is the beginning of the end for the Disney Company if you continue down this path.

“Stop listening to the people that feel they need to be in exclusive groups to fit in and feel important. We are all one group, united as human beings! Listen to the greater population. The majority of your customers and employees do not want any of this. Your stock is dropping, park attendance is low, your new movies are nothing more than remakes and terrible new stories pushing political agendas.”

Schaffer further mentions Disney Parks’ attendance in his petition, saying it’s a topic that needs to be discussed.

“Park attendance has been low despite what Disney preaches. You can no longer just go to Disney World and have fun. You need to buy a ticket, then make a reservation to go. Buying a ticket does not guarantee you access to the park! [Disney] uses fake capacity limits as their excuse. The resorts and parks are nowhere near as crowded as they once were. They post false wait times at their attractions to push their new paid ‘Lightning Lane’ and Genie+ services.”

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The petition is lengthy as in part of it, Schaffer says that Cast Members are overwhelmed by their work because, according to Schaffer, there’s a shortage of people who want to work for Disney at this time.

“Staff is being pushed to their limits and/or not being respected, and it is causing them to resign. This is the real reason behind their fake capacity. They simply don’t have enough people that are willing to come back or start working for them. [Previously] people dreamed about working for Disney. Now, a lot of them dream about working somewhere else.”

Disney World Cast Members

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Schaffer concludes by imploring Disney to “stop feeding the segregation fire,” saying that the answer to the Disney Company‘s current issues is “easy,” and the answer is to “stop the stupidity.”

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“Disney was always about bringing everyone together, from the very beginning. Focus on that and stop trying to cater to every exclusive group of people. Spread the Disney love, joy and excitement, and storytelling . . . Stay out of politics and stop feeding the segregation fire! Stop spreading false narratives and news on your networks. Stop segregating the human race. The fix to the issues you are creating and perpetuating is easy: STOP THE STUPIDITY!”

At publication time, the petition has amassed just short of 200 signatures.

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