New Entrance for Disney World: Permit Filed Amid Traffic Delays and Congestion Concerns

Disney World Road Closed

Walt Disney World Resort has filed a new permit for one of its resort hotels, looking to change the landscape and enhance the guest experience. Here’s what we know. Disney Files Permit for Entire New Entrance for Polynesian Resort Hotel: Guests Should Expect Delays and Traffic Disney World has unveiled plans for a new entrance to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort ...

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Strawberry Cake Recipe for a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Celebration

On the left, a grinning Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" lies on a branch. On the right, a delectable strawberry cake recipe for an 'Alice in Wonderland' celebration sits on a white plate, topped with whipping cream, fresh strawberry slices, and a blueberry, surrounded by more strawberries.

Celebrate a whimsical slice in Wonderland with a delightful strawberry cake that would make even the Cheshire Cat grin wider. This enchanting dessert is decorated with fresh strawberries, which makes it a visual and culinary delight. Serve each slice with a mischievous smile, and watch as guests disappear into a world of sweet fantasy, just like Alice following the Cheshire ...

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Disney Faces Accusations of Pushing Satanic Content on Children

House of Blues

Over the last few years, Disney has been accused of many unsavory things. During his failed presidential run, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused Disney of sexualizing and grooming children. Disney has also been accused of pushing “woke” ideology through its DEI initiatives and inclusion policies. But now, Disney has a new accusation slung at it: pushing a Satanic agenda. A ...

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Disney Now Making Guests Agree Not to Sue

A child with Down syndrome joyfully interacts with a person in a Mickey Mouse costume on a colorful street. The child is wearing a red T-shirt and smiling broadly, creating a heartwarming scene in what appears to be a theme park. Disney Disability Pass

On April 9, Disney shocked and angered guests when it announced major changes to its Disability Access Service at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. For years, guests with nearly any kind of cognitive or medical disability could use the parks’ DAS program and wait in a shorter line. On that day in April, Disney said that beginning in ...

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Insensitive Guests Strike AGAIN, Ruin Park Experience

A person dressed as a pirate with a tricorn hat and dreadlocks gazes to the side while standing next to a headless mannequin wearing a green dress, reminiscent of Disneyland characters. The background appears to be part of a rustic building.

Live streamers were at it again when they ruined the experience of a dark ride at the Southern California Disney Resort. Visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort is undeniably one of the most magical ways to indulge in the Disney experience. These iconic locations offer a vast array of enchanting rides and attractions that cater to ...

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Matthew Perry’s Death Now a Criminal Investigation

Matthew Perry

On October 28, 2023, millions of fans around the world were shocked and devastated to learn that Friends star Matthew Perry had died at the age of 54. A 9-1-1 call was made from Perry’s home when the actor was found unconscious in his hot tub. Sadly, paramedics were unable to revive Mr. Perry, and he was pronounced dead just hours after ...

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