Universal Joins In, Grabs Mickey Mouse From Public Domain

Universal and Steamboat Willie

With Mickey Mouse now fair game for anyone to use, Universal wasted no time incorporating the beloved character into their brand of irreverent humor. Mickey Mouse went into the public domain earlier this year, marking a significant milestone in the realm of intellectual property and creative expression. As of January 2024, the iconic character from Disney’s early animations, particularly the ...

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Disney Enacts Historic Change, Adding GUESTS to Disney Parades

Star wars nite

Disneyland Resort recently made a thrilling announcement that is sure to excite Star Wars fans far and wide. The highly anticipated Star Wars Nite is back, and this time with an exciting twist! In an effort to enhance the already immersive experience, Disneyland Park’s Galaxys Edge is inviting guests to don their favorite Star Wars-themed costumes and be a part ...

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WDW Disney Guests Turned Away at Entrance After All Parks Reach Capacity

Genie+ sold out

Things are getting busy at Walt Disney World Resort this holiday weekend! These crowds are crazy! It’s every Disney fan’s worst nightmare: being inches away from the magic of Disney just to be denied entrance at the gate. Unfortunately, that dream is a reality for any Walt Disney World Annual Passholder hoping to visit Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood ...

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ANOTHER Earthquake Rocks Disneyland Resort

pixar fest nighttime show disneyland sleeping beauty castle

If you live in California, then odds are you have constantly heard talk about “the big one.” And you know what that means. If you do not live in California, then you may not know what that means. It means an incredibly large earthquake. The last big earthquake to hit the state was the Northridge quake, which happened in 1994. ...

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Disney Star Returns to Spotlight After Video of Her Glorifying Harmful Habit

Ahsoka Disney

Another Disney star found herself the target of cancel culture after behind-the-scenes video footage surfaced of her glamorizing a habit society has overwhelmingly grown to hate. Disney has had to contend with many issues surrounding the Star Wars franchise since acquiring Lucasfilm in 2012. Fans have become increasingly critical of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and the studio’s direction with the ...

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Disney Guests Sneaks in Prohibited Item, Go Viral for Illegal Behavior

new years at walt disney world resort florida fourth of july fireworks show cinderella castle

Disney World is a magical place filled with dreams, laughter, and unforgettable experiences. However, like any other amusement Park, there are rules and guidelines that guests are expected to follow. One such rule pertains to the prohibition of certain items within the park. While Disney World has implemented strict security measures to enforce these rules, some guests always try to ...

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I Ate Disney’s Pickle Corn Dog and So Should You

Pickle Corn Dog

Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort recently revealed what may be one of the most controversial foods to ever be released on Disney property — the pickle corn dog. You heard me right, a pickle corn dog. Now, I’m sure that you never thought that you would hear the words pickle and corn dog together. The pickle corn dog has ...

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Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Ultimate Disney Cheat Meal

Dwayne Johnson

If there is one thing that Disney Parks are known for, it’s the massive amount of delectable goodies that can be found in all corners of the theme parks. There are too many delicious treats to count, and finding your favorites can be an adventure in trial and error. Dwayne Johnson, as a huge Disney fan himself, has spent a ...

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