Legendary Imagineer Honored at Hollywood Studios

If you tried to define what a Disney Legend is, you’d have a hard time doing it without mentioning Bob Weis. His illustrious 42-year career at WED Enterprises (the Imagineering arm of the Walt Disney Company) garnered him prestige and even something of a celebrity status. Disney Legend status is a prestigious award granted to individuals who “have made an ...

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Disney’s App Glitches and Calls Cinderella a SLUR

Disney cinderella slur

What is going on at Disney headquarters?! Disney fans are in hysterics over the latest mistake from the Walt Disney Company. This month has not been smooth sailing at Disney for various reasons. Issues inside and outside the Parks have made this month one of the wildest and most unexpected months in Disney’s history. Now, a new issue has arisen ...

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Internet DEFENDS Disney Adult Over Viral Wedding Drama

wedding dresses 23

This last year, Disney adults have been in the media more than ever. Unfortunately, most of this attention has been very negative toward adults who enjoy Disney’s theme Parks and movies. Time and time again, we have seen the internet rally and gang up on Disney adults because of their interests. This has led many fans to keep their hobbies ...

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Change to Festival of Fantasy Parade Leaves Guests Stunned

Festival of Fantasy Parade mickey

If you go to Magic Kingdom and don’t see the Festival of Fantasy Parade…did you even go to Magic Kingdom? This Parade has been delighting guests since 2014! If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out. Festival of Fantasy is far and away one of Disney’s best parades. Today though, eagle-eyed guests noticed something different. Mickey Mouse is one dapper fellow. He ...

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You Won’t Believe Where We Found Bob Chapek!

Bob Chapek

Ah social media! It encompasses the best of us…and the worst of us! What many would rather reserve for simply keeping up with friends and family, others see as a tool to cause mayhem and confusion for amusement. That’s where the trolls come in. The internet troll is a curious beast, you can love them or hate them but it ...

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Disney Wish Passengers Stranded On Board

Disney wish

The newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet, Disney Wish, is having a rough time. Its current voyage has been anything but smooth sailing as the ship encountered multiple problems. The issues began right away and did not get better as the journey went on. Reports state that this has been par for the course as Disney Wish seems ...

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