Guests Claim Popular Disney World Dining Spot is Comparable to Golden Corral

'Ohana compared to Golden Corral
Credit: Disney

One of the biggest — and most fun parts — of planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is planning where you and your party are going to eat while you are there.

There are nearly 400 dining spots at The Most Magical Place on Earth, and they offer everything from quick bites like popcorn and pretzels to quick service spots serving burgers. There are also many incredible sit-down locations, where guests can indulge in nearly every kind of food imaginable.

San Angel Inn Restaurante

Credit: Disney

There are a lot of popular dining spots on property, one of which can be found at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Polynesian Village is a Deluxe Resort located on Seven Seas Lagoon, across from the Magic Kingdom.

‘Ohana is a sit-down restaurant that serves both breakfast and dinner, and the meals are all you care to enjoy. That means that cast members will bring out platters of food and continue to bring you whatever you would like until you are stuffed and satisfied.

‘Ohana’s most iconic dishes include the pork dumplings, the ‘Ohana noodles, and the delectable bread pudding.

Ohana dining room at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Credit: Disney

Despite its popularity, a large group of people feel that ‘Ohana just isn’t the same experience that it used to be. Things have changed since COVID, but many think the restaurant has really gone downhill.

Reddit user u/TylerF12 said that his party ate at ‘Ohana recently, and they were extremely disappointed. He went so far as to say that the restaurant was a more expensive version of Golden Corral. What was even more shocking to Tyler was how much his family pay to eat at a sub-par Disney World restaurant:

We just ate at Ohana tonight and it used to be one of my favorite restaurants. We had 5 people and our total was $420 after two people in our party got a cocktail.

Our food was really just ok. Not bad, not good. The dessert bread pudding is amazing, but I don’t think it makes it worth it. That was the only thing I thought was good.

The meal used to be like a Brazilian steakhouse. Now they bring out these bowls of meat that are “all you can eat.” The main dish bowls are some boiled shrimp (fine), chicken thighs with chimichurri (fine), and steak (low grade terrible). Am I wrong to expect more quality for $65/person for food?

For comparison, we ate at Le Cellier in Canada last night and it was exceptional. My wife and I split a steak entree as she ordered two exceptional appetizers and our meal was 1/2 what Ohana was. It was 10x better than what I just had at Ohana.

I complained to the manager at Ohana and he didn’t seem to care as he said it was “all you can eat” as if I was eating at a Golden Corral or something. I should note that this is the first time in 30 years that I have ever asked for a manager at a restaurant ever.

So that’s my rant. Anyone else feel the same?

Steak dinner Le Cellier Steakhouse

Credit: Disney

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There were dozens of comments on TylerF12’s post; sadly, many agreed with Tyler. The consensus seemed to be that ‘Ohana’s food quality has gone downhill in recent years.

We used to LOVE Ohana! Sometimes we would eat there twice during the same vacation stay. We went back in 2022 and were so disappointed with the food quality. The whole experience was almost heartbreaking because it had been our favorite dining reservation for many years.


Credit: Disney

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Some even said that they would have rather eaten at Golden Corral.

The food quality is absolutely atrocious. It really has taken a nose-dive after Covid. I have had better food at Golden Corral…

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Disney has been called out for the quality of its food in recent years. Former CEO Christine McCarthy caught a lot of backlash for saying that Disney was looking at cutting food costs by looking at cheaper vendors. Many equated cheaper food vendors with lower-quality food.

Honey Coriander Chicken Wings

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What angers guests the most is that food at Disney parks always seems to get more expensive. And it is hard to justify the price increases when the food quality simply isn’t what it used to be.

Do you think the quality of Disney’s food has gone downhill? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Matthew Brewster

    As a Local with an AP, I used to visit WDW every week. Eventually, I found myself visiting less for the attractions and mostly for the BUFFETS! Back in 1995, most cost around, oddly enough, $19 95. These stayed fairly steady until 2000, when annual price increases began. Finally, around 2005, the prices grew so high that I couldn’t afford to eat at WDW any more. I was forced to move back to NY IN 2009. Now, I have moved back, where I see that you have to be downright rich to afford ANY of WDW’s buffets So, I eat only at the wonderful, and VERY affordable Golden Corral. Diz should send their food staff there to see how they can offer such s sumptuous spread at such a low price!

  2. These people aren’t wrong. Ohana’s has been low grade dog food for quite some time. The steak or should I say shoe leather is the lowest quality cuts possible and full of gristle. Disney’s has lost its way in recent years, they have forgotten the fact that if you spend the money to give guests a truly exceptional experience then they will in turn hand over more of their money. This goes for food quality and attractions which it seems they promise big things only to cut the costs and produce sub par everything. It’s sad that Universal figured it out and is making money hand over fist while Disney keeps headed in the wrong direction.

  3. I see the slander trolls are out in full force again. Time for you to call up for mom’s meatloaf boys.

  4. We quit eating Ohanas years ago because of terrible food quality and being served cold food. Like right out of the fridge. But it’s just not this location, all Disney food is sub par compared to years ago! Quality started declining in 2000s but has really got to a point it’s not worth the money. Our opinion there is only to places worth the money. Boatwrights and Polite Pig. Worth the money for quality and quantity.

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