Evacuations and Closures Plague Disney Park, Fans Too Nervous to Ride Attractions

Evacuation big thunder mountain
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What is going on?

This week, the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, experienced an alarming surge in the occurrence of ride breakdowns, causing significant disruptions to the guest experience. What’s even more concerning is that numerous breakdowns necessitated the evacuation of guests, leaving fans saying, “Yikes.” It’s important to delve into the reasons behind these unfortunate incidents and explore potential solutions to mitigate their impact.

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California Adventure Incredicoaster

Credit: Disney

A Turbulent Week at Disneyland Resort

Ride breakdowns can happen for various reasons, ranging from technical malfunctions to unforeseen operational challenges. The complex machinery and intricate systems that power these attractions are subject to wear and tear, making periodic glitches unavoidable. As a result, occasional interruptions in ride operations occur, leading to temporary closures and inconveniences for park visitors.

Moreover, the high volume of guests visiting Disneyland Resort on a daily basis adds an extra layer of complexity to ensuring smooth ride operations. The constant flow of visitors places increased strain on the rides, leading to a higher likelihood of mechanical issues arising. While the Disney team diligently maintains and services the rides, the sheer number of guests and the wear and tear they can cause inevitably contribute to breakdown occurrences.

Despite Disney’s unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of its guests, ride breakdowns remain a persistent challenge. That said, the company is continuously exploring and implementing measures to minimize the frequency and impact of these incidents. One such solution is the regular inspection and maintenance of ride components to identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate into full-fledged breakdowns.

However, even with the full dedication of Walt Disney Imagineering, it is very common for an attraction to break down. This week, guests were left shocked due to the large amount of breakdowns that ended up resulting in evacuations. Many of these reports were chronicles in the Disneyland Reddit community.

Fans Share Footage of Evacuations

One photo from Wednesday, November 1, shows fans walking down the sky-high tracks of the Incredicoaster. Numerous fans commented on the post, sharing how this evacuation made them “nervous” to ride this attraction after.

Incredicoaster stops
byu/Talk_itivScientist inDisneyland

Another user shares an image from Disneyland Park’s Indiana Jones Adventure attraction, which this Guest claims broke down six times.

This is the 6th time this has happened to me
byu/Marzzo22 inDisneyland

Do you think that’s all? Big Thunder Mountain railroad also suffered some malfunctions and halted the roller coaster. This user alleges that this ride ended up evacuating.

Big Thunder Broken Down
byu/Legitimate-General-9 inDisneyland

Perhaps the most confusing was the guest who claimed to be evacuated from Autopia. It was not quite the calming experience that this guest was probably hoping for.

Being evacuated off Autopia out of all places. Decent view of the Peoplemover/Rocket Rods track though.
byu/_Dang_It_Bobby_ inDisneyland

The strangest part of all of these evacuations is the fact that they are happening within three days of each other. Seriously, what is going on here?

It is important to note that while ride breakdowns can be disheartening for guests, they are an inevitable reality in a dynamic and intricate theme park environment like Disneyland Resort. However, it is Disney’s ongoing commitment to technological advancements, regular maintenance, and meticulous planning that ensures the frequency and impact of these incidents are kept to a minimum.

While the cause of all of these breakdowns is yet to be confirmed, it is very evident that fans are hoping to see less of this kind of Park experience in the future. Hopefully, Disneyland will be able to identify the issues at hand.

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