“Karen” Gone WILD! Woman Causes Massive Disturbance Over Attraction Breakdown

Disney Karen
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In recent years, a new term has emerged within the Disney community – the “Disney Karen.” Usually seen in crowds of long lines, a “Disney Karen” refers to the stereotype of a demanding, entitled woman who refuses to accept any less than perfection during her visit to a Disney park. Usually, she is an entitled Guest who is having a breakdown or altercation with another Guest or a Cast Member. Karens are always angry, causing a scene, and rarely ever have a strong justification for their actions.

Unfortunately, “Karens” have become more and more prevalent at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort over the years. Just this week, a video has surfaced showing an incredibly irritating incident with one woman who is being labeled a “Karen” by the internet.

Have Cast Member Attitudes Changed for the Worst?

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PSA: Breakdowns Happen!

We get it; ride and attraction breakdowns at Disney can be incredibly frustrating. When you are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a Disney trip, you want to make sure you are getting the most of your hard-earned money. However, there are certain things that are out of a Cast Member’s control, like ride breakdowns and long lines.

A recent video has gotten some attention online due to the ridiculousness of the situation. In the TikTok clip, a woman is seen having a meltdown over the Disney Skyliner being broken for an hour. While this situation must have been terribly frustrating, her reaction was definitely not called for.

Disney Skyliner

Credit: Disney

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What a Mess!

In the video, which was posted by @abigails_stl, this “Disney Karen” can be seen cursing, even at the request of parents and their young children. The crowd continuously encourages the woman to calm down, but their efforts prove to be unhelpful.


The cast members at Disney are saints! They can’t say it but I can… this lady was a Bitch! #disney #disneyskyliner #dontbeakaren #karen #language #epcot #byekaren #disneyworld

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This video is a reminder to us all that Disney is better when we all treat it as a happy, magical place. Letting things like long lines and breakdowns get the best of our emotions just tends to ruin the experience for everyone!

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