Guest Claims “Nasty” Note Left on Autistic Child’s Stroller

Nasty Note on Boy's stroller Disney World
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Tens of millions of people visit Walt Disney World Resort each year. Each person is different, and groups come in all shapes and sizes. You may never know the story of the family that you see standing next to you in line, and you may never see them again. However, that does not mean that you can judge them, insult them, or make anyone feel like a bad person.

One guest recently visited Walt Disney World with their family, and they were shocked at something that happened to them during their visit to Animal Kingdom Park.

wilderness explorers at animal kingdom

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The Redditor — Teh_Best86 — shared that, when they walked out of the Feathered Friends in Flight show, they found a nasty note left on their son’s stroller. The OP (original poster) said that the note accused them of “killing” their child because they let him use a tablet in the theme park line.

To the person who left a disgusting note in my autistic sons’s stroller, I hope you enjoy your vacation 🙂

I hope that maybe Disney can thaw that frozen heart you have.

The last thing I ever expected to see in my 4 year old autistic sons stroller after Feathered Friends in Flight was an anonymous scribbled note saying “you are killing that boy by letting him use that tablet”

I’m truly sorry you couldn’t get your children to stop looking at my son’s comfort tool so he is comfortable at a new show with his family.

While I never expected to see something so mean written, I do want to commend the staff there for letting me file a report, and listening to me and my wife discuss this with you.

CM Bethany, you are a saint, and a reason we left that day knowing that even though there are rude and nasty people out there, that a caring person could make us feel better. I will be sure to reach out to make sure others are aware of the above and beyond job you have done for myself and my family.

The amount of love that Disney shows my son when we visit keeps making us go back, so we’re already looking forward to the next time.

So if anyone sees Bethany by Feathered Friends in Flight, make sure you let her know she is the best :).

To the person who left a disgusting note in my autistic sons’s stroller, I hope you enjoy your vacation 🙂
byu/Teh_Best86 inWaltDisneyWorld

What makes this particularly disturbing is that the stroller was parked in the handicap area. That means that the guest who left the note knew that the family had a child with a disability.

After reading the supportive comments, the Redditor returned to clarify a few things.

They said that the tablet did not have the sound turned on. Their son was using the tablet to play some visual math games. The screen was also not overly bright because of how bright it was outside at the time they were waiting in line at the Disney park.

Disney Animal Kingdom

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The Redditor also apparently knew who the guest was that left the note. They said that they had noticed the group because the group had allowed their small children to sit in the handicapped area. Specifically, they had allowed them to sit in an area where children were not supposed to sit. But OP said they didn’t notice the note until most of the guests had cleared out.

Animal Encounters: Winged Encounters – The Kingdom Takes Flight

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OP also said that they did let Disney Guest Relations know, but only did so because he wanted them to be aware of the note in case the same thing happened to another family during their vacation. They did not want someone else’s Disney experience to be ruined.

Disney works very hard to make sure each and every guest has a magical experience while visiting a theme park. Disney has a great Disability Access Service program, which allows guests with many medical and cognitive disabilities to avoid waiting in line when it might not be possible.

DINOSAUR attraction in DinoLand U.S.A.

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You can read more about Disney’s Disability Access Service program by clicking here. You can also register for a DAS pass for your upcoming Disney vacation.

Please remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

What would you have done if you found yourself in the same position as the original poster? Let us know in the comments!

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