Cast Members Forced to Remove Guest in Wheelchair, Sparking Debate

Castn member removes wheelchair guest
Credit: idreamofDisney TikTok

Over the years, EPCOT has become known as the place for festivals at Walt Disney World Resort. Throughout the year, there is rarely a time when a festival is not taking place. Guests can visit during the year for the International Food & Wine Festival, the International Festival of Holidays, the Festival of the Arts, and the International Flower & Garden Festival.

Family eating at Food & Wine festival EPCOT

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The International Flower & Garden Festival takes place each year usually. beginning in February and typically ending in May. During the Flower & Garden Festival, guests can see some truly stunning topiaries. They can also indulge in some specialty food and beverages. Then, there is the Garden Rocks Concert Series, featuring a number of fun musical acts.

Flower and Garden Festival

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During last year’s festival, former members of the hit band Electric Light Orchestra put on a couple of performances. The concerts take place at the America Gardens Theater at the American Adventure Pavilion in the World Showcase.

TikToker iDreamofDisney attended the concert, but only recently shared their video. While the band was playing, a guest in a wheelchair wheeled himself up to the end of the stage. He sat there, watching the performance, and clearly enjoying himself, moving along to the music. However, not long after he moved to the front spot, a cast member came up to speak to him.


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The guest appeared to ignore the first cast member, who then went to get another cast member. That cast member finally got the man’s attention and appeared to speak to him. The cast member then took the man’s wheelchair and wheeled him away from the stage. He was clearly in a spot that he was not allowed to be in.

Even though the guest may have been in an unauthorized area, a lot of commenters were actually on his side. Many thought that he was just enjoying the show, not bothering anyone, and that the cast member should have let him be. One commenter wrote,

Come on Disney let the man rock out to his all time favorite band ELO

Flower and Garden Festival

Credit: Disney

Of course, there were those who felt that he should not have broken the rules. Disney has them in place for a reason. Another commenter wrote,

Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules. Plus he’s a distraction to everyone else’s view.

Others thought that Disney did not do enough to make it clear that the area was off-limits to guests. They suggested that Disney make is more clear by blocking the area off.

Flower and Garden Festival

Credit: Disney

In the end, we hope that the man found a good spot and enjoyed the rest of the show. The America Gardens Theater does have sections that are designated for guests in wheelchairs.

Do you think the cast member was right in moving the guest? Or should she have just let him be? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Absolutely she was right to move him. And I don’t think the area needs to be blocked off. Had he wheeled up there to take photos for a couple of minutes my guess is it would have been fine had he then wheeled back to his seat. I also think he knew he was not supposed to be sitting where he was sitting.
    Actually I find the incident not really news worthy. Unleyss the goal is to stir up a controversy where there is none.