No, Disney World Is Not Coming to Your State, and Here’s Why

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By now, you may have heard some rumors regarding Walt Disney World’s relocation. This is due to an act named “Mickey’s Freedom Restoration Act” proposed by North Carolina Democrats.

Understandably, the bill pokes fun at Desantis’s recent actions regarding the Walt Disney Company and its place in Florida.

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This act would set aside up to $750,000 to create a commission to make decisions regarding family-friendly theme parks in the state. This proposed bill has not been passed and likely won’t be.

However, even if it was passed, it’s doubtful that Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, two water parks, Disney Springs, and a handful of Walt Disney World Resort hotels would relocate to North Carolina or any other state for that matter.

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For one, Walt Disney World Resort, including each theme park and Resort hotel, is a multi-billion dollar venture. Not only has it cost tens of years and billions of dollars to assemble, but it would also cost a sizable amount to relocate all of it or start over entirely.

Logistically, many attractions cannot be relocated either due to how they’ve been built. They’d have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

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For another, location is everything. Central Florida may face hurricanes and thunderstorms, but overall, the weather is perfect for running a year-long theme park. Although it can get dangerously hot, each Disney Park can operate with hot weather. It cannot operate all year long with a snowy season, and an enterprise like a Disney Park simply isn’t built for seasonal operation.

It’s also worth noting that although sea levels are rising, Central Florida is, well, central! Walt Disney World Resort is as landlocked as it gets in the Sunshine State, dashing any flooding-related concerns.

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In short, Walt Disney World Resort has been one significant investment in the making. Tearing it down and starting over somewhere new isn’t an intelligent, feasible, or even possible move for the Walt Disney Company.

Does that mean a smaller Disney Park won’t be built in another state? Of course not! It could always happen. But the relocation of Mickey Mouse’s largest and most profitable city doesn’t look realistic.

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