New Disney Trailer Is Actually SO Cute – Suck It Up For Your Kids And Watch It!

disney plus original world's best math prem patel

Disney Plus has struggled to create new, engaging content, and it’s not alone among streaming platforms. There’s already a Disney Plus streaming graveyard of over a dozen titles, such as The Mighty Ducks and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Not to mention, Disney abruptly removed a handful of titles in a purge that surprised and angered some of its users.

Recently, the release of the streaming series American Born Chinese starring Michelle Yeoh, has fans cautiously hopeful that better content is on the rise. Today, Walt Disney Studios shared a new trailer for their Disney Plus original movie World’s Best. And get off your high horse because it’s actually really cute.

disney plus original world's best math prem patel


The two-minute trailer for World’s Best is pretty extensive in laying out the story. It’s a hip-hop musical comedy, okay? The movie follows main character and 12-year-old math superstar Prem Patel,  played by newcomer Manny Magnus. In this coming-of-age story, Prem finds out that his late father was a famous rapper. 

Prem goes from wanting to pursue math to wanting to rap. Hip-hop fuels his imagination and makes him feel closer to his father, played by co-writer and co-executive producer Utkarsh Ambudkar (Ghosts, Free Guy). His father’s mantra was, “The world’s best never rest.”

Watch it here:

Ambudkar is known for his comedic talents, and Disney Plus shared shared his thoughts, 

We are all really excited to be bringing this film to Disney+. It’s got dope music and great comedy, and it brings up some important themes in a really accessible way. It’s emotional, it’s full of love and amazing energy and is a film the entire family can watch together. 

Plus, it presents for the first time a South Asian family at the core of a Disney movie–something I never had growing up–and was something I really wanted to give young people today.

pre patel and father disney+ original word's best


The Disney Plus original boasts that it is produced by Thomas Kail, director of smash Broadway hit Hamilton. Hamilton itself is available for streaming if you are a Disney Plus subscriber.

On June 23, World’s Best will join all the Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and classic Disney content already streaming on Disney Plus. How will this original movie hold up?

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