New Disney Ride Under Fire for Controversial and “Grim” Ride Queue

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What was Disney thinking?!

Disney, a renowned entertainment company, has earned both praise and criticism for its rides throughout the years. Whether it be the lyrics in the Country Bear Jamboree or Splash Mountain’s source material, Disney has had to face the fact that many of the resort’s older attractions have not aged to today’s social standards.

However, it’s not just the old attractions that are drawing criticism from Disney’s politically correct crowd. In fact, one of Disney’s newest attractions has stirred up concerns from fans online.

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Zootopia new disney ride

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New ‘Zootopia’ Attraction Incites Controversy

The latest addition to Disney’s impressive lineup, the Zootopia: Hot Pursuit attraction at Shanghai Disneyland Resort, is not exempt from controversy. Specifically, critics have raised concerns regarding the nature of the ride’s queue. As guests make their way through the queue, they are guided through a recreated police station and prison environment. This unique design choice has sparked heated debates among Disney enthusiasts, particularly regarding its suitability for a children’s theme park.

One prevailing argument against the Zootopia ride’s queue is that it may be perceived as tone-deaf given the recent BLM movement and fight for prison reform. While this Resort is in China, these sentiments still ring true as Disney is an American company. Opponents claim that a theme park, which primarily caters to younger audiences, ought to prioritize experiences that are lighthearted, inclusive, and free of potentially “grim” and distressing or sensitive themes.

By incorporating a police station and prison setting into the ride’s queue, some argue that Disney may unintentionally expose children to concepts that may be difficult to comprehend or that reinforce negative attitudes towards law enforcement. Many fans also feel that this ride would not do well in a United States theme park at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort for this reason.

Is It Too Much?

Disney, as a company known for its dedication to creating magical and immersive experiences, has always strived to strike a delicate balance between entertainment and appropriate content. While the Zootopia ride’s queue may generate differing opinions, it is evident that Disney’s intention is to transport guests into the vibrant world of Zootopia, where the dynamic characters, such as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, champion justice and work together to solve mysteries. Their execution of this, however, can be debated.

As discussions surrounding the Zootopia ride continue to unfold, it is imperative to remember that Disney’s Imagineers meticulously design and craft each attraction, taking into consideration factors such as storytelling, thematic coherence, and guest engagement. The ride queue, although a subject of controversy, represents Disney’s commitment to immersing guests in a fully realized and authentic Zootopia experience.

Zootopia Land Shanghai Disney

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While some argue that the inclusion of a police station and prison setting may be inappropriate for a children’s theme park, others defend Disney’s creative decision as an integral part of the Zootopia narrative. As with any ongoing debate, it is essential for perspectives to be heard, allowing Disney to craft an experience that strikes a harmonious balance between entertainment and sensitivity to its diverse audience.

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