New Disney Restaurant and Bar Celebrates Opening Day

San fransokyo revealed
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Disney just got a whole lot more delicious!

Every year, millions of fans visit Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, to experience thrilling attractions, meet iconic characters, and try delicious foods. For many Guests, getting to eat their way through Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure is one of the highlights of a vacation. Now, a new area at the theme Park will be offering a plethora of new food options.

San Fransokyo bridge

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San Fransokyo Square Brings New Foods

San Fransokyo Square Disney is a new addition to the Disney Parks family, located in the heart of the Disney California Adventure Park. Inspired by the fictional city of San Fransokyo from Disney’s big hit, “Big Hero 6,” this vibrant and futuristic area brings together the best of the San Francisco and Tokyo-inspired land into a remarkable experience.

When Guests enter San Fransokyo Square, they will be greeted by the iconic San Fransokyo Gate Bridge. This bridge sets the tone for the exciting land that lies beyond the area that used to be known as the Pacific Wharf.

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new sanfransokyo 2

Credit: Disney

Port of San Fransokyo CervecerĂ­a Opens

There are so many dining options that will be available at San Fransokyo Square. While the land does not officially open until the fall, fans will be thrilled to know that many of the restaurants are opening this month. Today, the Port of San Fransokyo CervecerĂ­a had its opening day.

This location will offer snacks, drinks, but primarily beer from Karl Strauss Brewing Company. Beer lovers will be thrilled to know that a large assortment of beers and seltzers will be available for pickup and mobile orders. The Port of San Fransokyo CervecerĂ­a also offers a great seating area where Guests can view the new area.

Disney describes the new bar, saying;

“The newest venue at San Fransokyo Square is the Port of San Fransokyo CervecerĂ­a, hosted by Karl Strauss Craft Brewery. With its proximity to Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and the diverse nature of this corner of the square, you may see descriptors of the beer in Spanish and Japanese, in addition to English. Just outside the facade of the brewery is an inviting beer garden, decorated with lights and papel picado—elaborate designs cut into sheets of paper—featuring some of San Fransokyo’s favorite heroes. Animated neon signs and a “Port of San Fransokyo” waterfront marquee also add to the fun and excitement of this area after dark, when the illuminated beer garden charmingly beckons.”

San Fransokyo

Credit: Disney

This location and so many others are going to help bring to life the exciting world of Big Hero Six in the incredible new land.

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