New ‘Bluey’ Trades Disney+ for Free Streaming Platform

Bluey Character
Credit: Ludo Studio

If you have kids, family members with offspring, or a Disney+ subscription, you undoubtedly know the name “Bluey.” The cartoon dog that could has dominated Disney+ for years now, and remains one of the most-watched programs on the magical streaming platform. However, that might soon change with the new “minisodes.”

Bluey with Headphones on


As thrilling as it is to know that we are indeed getting 20 shorts to tie us over until Joe Brumm finally graces us with a fourth season, fans might not have to shuck out a payment to Disney to get access to the beloved blue heeler. In fact, all 20 minisodes will be available at zero cost to fans worldwide.

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In their recent announcement regarding the upcoming minisodes, Ludo Studios promised a boatload of Bluey for the low price of absolutely nothing. Not only will they be featured prominently on Disney+, but the series will also be making the journey to YouTube, where fans can watch entirely for free.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Bingo and Lila slide in Bluey season 3

Credit: Ludo Studios

Per the announcement from the show’s official blog,

“The first batch of ‘Bluey Minisodes’, written by Bluey creator Joe Brumm and produced by the Emmy and Bafta award-winning team at Ludo Studio, will air on ABC in June for audiences in Australia, followed by Disney later in the summer. All minisodes will be available to watch on the Bluey website and Official Bluey YouTube Channel later this year.”

While this might not be as exciting as having full-length episodes or even an early season available to watch, this might entice more viewers to join the blue side and be sucked into the cult of the cartoon dogs. Joking aside, this isn’t the first time Bluey has essentially gone over Disney’s head and brought new content to fans for free.

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Recently, Ludo dropped the banned Bluey episode, “Dad Baby,” onto the show’s official YouTube channel. To say that making the new miniseries more accessible to fans might be taken as a jab at the House of Mouse wouldn’t be an unfair assumption, even if it might not have the strongest legs. Could something be going on between the studios?

Bringing More Bluey

Bluey watching a movie

Credit: Ludo Studio

Bluey is one of Disney’s most successful assets and arguably what keeps many viewers from canceling their Disney+ subscription. By making these shorts free to watch at any YouTube user’s leisure, Disney and Ludo are essentially giving potential customers a taste of what they’re missing out on. After all, the first hit is always free, right?

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Nefarious plans for animation domination aside, the decision to make the miniseries more accessible is a brilliant move for both studios. Bluey has already taken over our screens as one of the most streamed shows across multiple platforms; a small sampling of what the series has to offer is a great way to entice viewers to find out what’s so special about a blue cartoon dog.

Is Bluey becoming more available, or is this just a brilliant marketing ploy? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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