Nazis and Ron DeSantis Supporters Gather at Walt Disney World Resort for Another Protest

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Earlier today, September 2, the world-renowned Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, became the unexpected stage for a disturbing display of bigotry and hate. A group of white supremacists, proudly waving Nazi flags, chose the main entrance of the resort as their platform to spread their toxic ideology.

The Walt Disney brand has always stood for inclusivity, joy, and magic. However, this unfortunate incident has once again caused concern among visitors and the wider community, who demand that such hate speech and anti-Semitic symbols have no place at Disney.

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Pro-DeSantis and Pro-Nazi Display Takes Places Outside Walt Disney World

It is unfortunate to report that this is not the first time hateful protests like this one have been seen outside of the most magical place on earth. Numerous times this year, hate groups have set up camp outside this entrance. As Guests drive into the Parks, they are assaulted with hateful imagery by these groups.

Today’s protests included numerous Nazi flags as well as a flag supporting Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida. A white sheet was also taped onto a Walt Disney World Resort entrance sign, saying “Pedo World,” with the “o” shaped as the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism.

One Guest shared images of the protests, which he says ignited a tough conversation with his children, who saw it on the way into the Parks.

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Fans Urge a Comment out of Governor DeSantis

Right now, Gov DeSantis is entrenched in his 2024 campaign for President of the United States. As he continues progressing his campaign, having his name associated with Nazis and white supremacists is not a good look. Many people are urging the Governor to make a statement condemning these protest groups.


Hopefully, these protests come to an end. There is no place for this kind of ideology at Walt Disney World Resort, a place meant to be wholesome and family-friendly.

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