Mysterious Black Ring Seen in the Skies Above Disney Park… Has a Portal Been Opened? Or Is It Just Nature?

Disneyland Smoke UFO
Credit: @carmengordillo910 on TikTok, Disney, Canva

This is seriously creepy!

Right now, the Disney Parks are extremely busy celebrating the Halloween season. There is truly no time quite like Halloween time at Disney, and this year will be no exception. At all six theme parks in the United States, Cast Members have been hard at work creating a fun, festive, and frightening environment for Guests to enjoy. Jack-o-Lanterns, candy, leaves, and other spooky decorations can now be seen placed all around the Parks.

However, there are some other creepy sights being seen by Guests that were not planned by Disney. In the dark, foggy skies above one Disney Park, a smoky ring has been sending shivers down the spines of Guests.

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Credit: Disney

Nature Provides Unique Decorations for This Year’s Holiday Festivities

Disney California Adventure Park, also known as California Adventure, is one of the most popular theme parks in the United States. Located in Anaheim, California, it is part of the larger Disneyland Resort, which also includes the iconic Disneyland Park.

The visionary Walt Disney had a dream to create a magical place where imagination could run wild. He opened Disneyland Park in 1955, marking the beginning of a new era in entertainment. As the Park’s success began to grow, the need for expansion became evident. In 2001, Disney opened Disney California Adventure Park, a creative new solution to Disney’s evergrowing popularity.

Today, Disney California Adventure Park is known for many things, including its Halloween celebrations. The Park is home to the iconic Oogie Boogie Bash, a ticketed after-hours event where Guests can meet some of Disney’s most infamous villains. However, it wasn’t the villains that caught the eye of Guests visiting the event last week.

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Dark, Smokey Ring Catches the Eyes of Disney Guests

In a viral video that has amassed over a million views, an eerie black circle can be seen floating in the skier above Disney California Adventure Park. The video, which was posted by TikTok user carmengordillo910, has caught the attention of fans worldwide.


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Fans in the comments express that the ring looks paranormal, sighting similarities with things like the film Arrival and the Shibuya incident. This is not the first time that such a ring has been seen over Disneyland Resort. Earlier this year, in February, another video showing a similar sight went viral as well.

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As creepy as this may look, there is actually quite a reasonable explanation for it.

The real reason for this phenomenon is actually due to the fireworks shows that Disneyland Resort puts on. As the smoke dissipates from the theme park’s fireworks,  it can often travel and create rings like this one. That eerie foggy ring is actually smoke swirling through the air.

However, no one can deny that against a dark night sky, this natural phenomenon truly does look spooky.

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