Multiple Injuries Reported After Accident at Disney

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Earlier today, it was reported that a lampost lining Main Street, U.S.A. had toppled over. Repair crews were quickly dispatched to the scene to handle the situation.

According to Scott Gustin, on X, formerly Twitter, the wind was believed to be the culprit for the downed lamppost. Sadly, it was also reported that the large lighting post didn’t just topple over, it fell over onto guests at Disneyland Park.

Although initial reporting online referenced maintenance specialists on the scene handling the potentially dangerous situation, more recent reports suggest that first responders may have been called, as three guests were injured, one requiring a visit to the hospital.

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X user Chip Yost broke the news via Anaheim Fire and Rescue that three individuals were injured when the lamppost fell in the Main Street, U.S.A., area of Disneyland Park. Wind, believed to be the culprit also has caused several other structure damage in the immediate area around Disneyland, including a tree falling on Tustin house and a small plane flipping over on runway at John Wayne Airport per KTLA.

According to the Orange County Register, emergency personnel transported an elderly woman by stretch after being stuck in the head by the lamppost. The guests was reported as sitting on a park bench and was seen exiting the park with bandages applied to what could be trauma caused by the falling structure.

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The incident occurred just before 8:30 am on Monday morning. According to OCR, Disneyland officials also verified claims that one guests was transported to the hospital after the high winds in the area caused the posts to take a tumble onto unsuspecting guests.

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According to Anaheim Fire spokesperson Sgt. Jon McClintock, the other two individuals who were injured were “treated on scene and released.”

Other news sites have since confirmed the information provided by Disneyland, Scott Gustin, and the Orange County Register.

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Sadly, this isn’t the first time Disneyland has found itself in the news due to injury or death in the past week. Only four days ago, we also broke news that a Disneyland Resort reportedly jumped from the Pixar Pals parking garage, ultimately passing away at the scene of the tragic incident. In that situation, which has been reported as a suicide, Anaheim Police responded appropriately to Disneyland property.

Southwestern California currently finds itself under a high wind warning due to strong Santa Ana winds that are currently whipping through the state. According to, these winds can be in excess of 40 mph, reaching gusts of up to 75. The emergency notification remains in effect util 10 pm PST on Tuesday, November 21.

California, which is no stranger to wild weather and natural events like fires and earthquakes, is currently experiencing the wind phenomenon which typically occurs during the cooler months. According to The National Weather Service, the Santa Ana winds, “most common during the cooler months of the year, occurring from September through May. Santa Ana winds typically feel warm (or even hot) because as the cool desert air moves down the side of the mountain, it is compressed, which causes the temperature of the air to rise.”

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