More on My Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Preview at Walt Disney World

As I’ve already shared with you, I was part of a media group that was given a special peek into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This took place during the event that was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you missed it, you can access the article by clicking HERE! After I wrote about my experience, something else amazing happened. That is what I would like to tell you about now.

Later that day, I was able to enter Galaxy’s Edge for a second time. My dear friend Cindy from was also there. Our second tour was more laid back and less formal. I am pretty sure that we were the last group for the day. Since Cindy and I had already experienced the prepared tour, we were able to better take in what is happening.

Our guides for our second peek were Diego Parras and Jon Georges. Both are with Disney Imagineering. They told us little bits and pieces that we didn’t learn the first time. We learned that the Grand Avenue entrance (which is the one we went through) gives guests a long shot of the land. The Toy Story Land entrance will instead give guests a wide shot. More than once we were reminded that Galaxy’s Edge will give you a chance to live your own Star Wars story. It’s going to be what you make it to be. This land is over 40 years in the making.

What really struck me about speaking with these two men is that they both have a real love of Star Wars. I could tell that they both consider it an honor and a privilege to be bringing the new land to life. They talked about walking through the area and taking the time to feel the rocks, or running a hand along the Millennium Falcon. They (and the rest of the team building the new lands) know what a big responsibility it is that they have, and they are taking it seriously. They want to give us fans the land that we have been dreaming of.

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One thing that was mentioned was being in Galaxy’s Edge at sunset. That was something that I had never even thought about before, but then it hit me how magnificent it is going to be to watch the sky light up surrounded by Star Wars. I can still remember the first time I watched Star Wars and Luke stood there, watching the two suns set. That was the moment that the movie totally won me over. Soon we’ll be able to watch our sun setting from Batuu. We might only have one sun, but it is still going to be a surreal experience.

Photo Credit: Disney

There is a huge difference between the current Star Wars themed attractions and Galaxy’s Edge. The current attractions such as Star Tours allow you to celebrate your love for Star Wars. With Galaxy’s Edge, you will be able to live it. The stores will feature things that you would find on Batuu, not souvenirs that are normally sold in a theme park. You won’t find pizza and burgers, instead it’s blue milk and meat cooked over a pod racing engine. The Cast Members are “villagers”, and they can customize their costumes so that no two people will dress exactly alike. Let go of your preconceived notions, because it’s going to be unlike anything that you have experienced anywhere else.

At one point Jon asked Cindy and me what we are looking forward to the most in Galaxy’s Edge. At the exact same time we said “the Millennium Falcon”. Jon then told us that he rode the Disneyland version of Smugglers Run for the first time a few days ago. He said that his role was engineer, not pilot. (I know a lot of people who say that they only want the pilot’s role.) He said that the ride was everything that he hoped that it would be and more. If someone who has been working on both versions of Galaxy’s Edge for over five years was blown away, I can only imagine how incredible the ride is going to be. I’ve been dreaming of a ride inside the most famous hunk of junk in the galaxy for over 40 years. In just a few short weeks, that wait will finally be over.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31 at Disneyland Park, and on August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The second ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will open later in the year at both locations.

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