MISSING: Beloved Disney Character Vanishes From Park Overnight

Disney Dinosaur Missing
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How could this happen!? 

One thing is evident about Disney Parks fans: they are crazy about their park attraction characters. Whether it is Figment in EPCOT or Gertie in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park, fans go wild for characters that are unique to the Disney theme parks. There is not anything wrong with new Disney intellectual property, but it is evident that fans have a special place in their hearts for unique theme park attractions and the characters that exist in them.

One such ride is the Dinosaur attraction in Disney Animal Kingdom Park. While the ride is technically inspired by the film Dinosaur (2000), it has undoubtedly taken on a life of its own in the Disney theme parks. After Disney announced replacement plans for the area that holds this attraction at the D23 Expo, Dinoland USA, fans have been feeling more protective and concerned than ever about the ride’s dinosaurs.

It is for this reason that fans were left speechless after discovering that one iconic ride character had gone missing.

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animal kingdom dinoland usa entrance sign

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Guest Reports Shocking Occurrence

Disney Resort Guests visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park have recently made an alarming discovery – the iconic Sauropod on the Dinosaur attraction seems to have mysteriously disappeared. This unexpected turn of events has sparked curiosity and intrigue among park attendees, with one particular guest sharing their surprising observation. According to this individual, who embarked on the thrilling adventure of riding the Dinosaur attraction, they noticed a peculiar sight: instead of encountering the majestic Sauropod as expected, they were confronted with the presence of a considerably smaller dinosaur in its place.

The Sauropod has long been a beloved and iconic feature of the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. This towering prehistoric creature has captivated the imaginations of countless guests over the years. Its absence is genuinely perplexing and has left visitors wondering about the reasons behind its disappearance.

animal kingdom dinosaur attraction

Credit: Disney

Naturally, such an unusual occurrence has sparked speculation and raised numerous questions. Could this disappearance be the result of a planned renovation or refurbishment of the attraction? Is it an intentional alteration made by the park’s creative team to remove this element? Is the Sauropod’s replacement permanent?! The witness shared;

“So I have been going on dinosaur for years and I while from time to time I’ve experienced B Mode Carno, as far as I can remember the sauropod has always been there. However this last time I went on it (yesterday) I noticed the sauropod was missing and instead of just an empty space there was a really small dino instead. I was so surprised I couldn’t even tell you if was moving or was just standing still.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so does anyone have any footage of it?”

Another commenter backed up the sighting, saying;

“We were at Animal Kingdom last Thursday and it was missing then too. I’m surprised Disney is leaving such a big part of the ride empty for so long! It’s really awkward to stop and stare at nothing.”

Dinosaur – Missing Sauropod
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A Land Forever Changed

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is renowned for its immersive and enchanting experiences that transport guests into a world where dinosaurs roam. The Dinosaur attraction itself takes visitors on a thrilling journey through time, offering them the opportunity to come face-to-face with these awe-inspiring creatures from the past. It is a testament to the exceptional storytelling and attention to detail that Disney is renowned for; plus, it reeks of old-school Disney theme park charm.

As the news of the missing Sauropod spreads throughout the Disney park, Walt Disney World Resort guests are eagerly exchanging their own theories and speculations. Some assume that the absence of the Sauropod may be temporary, suggesting that it could be undergoing maintenance or restoration to ensure its continued awe-inspiring presence. Others, however, entertain the possibility of a deliberate alteration, wondering if the smaller dinosaur is a permanent replacement.

As guests continue to explore the exhilarating wonders of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, they eagerly anticipate updates regarding the missing Sauropod and what it might mean for the future of the Dinosaur attraction.

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